Toronto Advertising Want Thriving Business? Focus on Impressions!

Impressions are the number of times a potential consumer views your advertisement. The quantity of impressions generated by an ad gives a company an indication on the relevancy of their campaign. Essentially, large numbers of impressions will lead to higher conversion rates. Alternatively, a smaller number of impressions will drive less value for your company.

Want a successful campaign? Focus on achieving a LOW CPM!

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An advertisement is relevant if it drives value for your company. This value is created when consumers recognize the need for what is being advertised. So, your ad must be memorable to thousands of potential customers to have a chance at being remembered.

In a world where advertisements are on every street corner, creating, duplicating, and presenting an advertisement that is unique becomes extremely difficult. Furthermore, with the increase in constant exposure to websites, radio, and television, the relevancy of an ad is becoming increasingly unimportant. The ability to stand out amongst “the crowd” of advertisements becomes the next big thing for advertisers to focus on. Moving Billboards are a creative outdoor advertising option for many brands as they are new on the market.

An image of a speeding FedEx truck with an ad on the side that has FedEx ahead of the truck with the text "always first" underneath the logo.

At Movia, we measure impressions differently. Once your truck is on the road, the impression gathering begins. Most people leave the Wi-Fi signal of their phones on, and when a Movia mobile billboard goes by them, whether they are in a car or on the sidewalk, our proprietary beacon technology picks up that signal and counts it as an impression. On average, you can expect 1.5 – 2.5 million eye-level views on your moving billboard every month.

Then analyzing the data, see where your trucks are and who they’re reaching through your personal dashboard. Besides real-time geolocation, you can view the time, duration, and consistency with which your trucks have been on the road, as well as keep track of your daily or monthly impressions. Focusing on impressions is the first way to monitor this ‘importance’ level. Impressions are the most economical way to judge your advertisement. 

Focus on the numbers and you’re set for a thriving business!


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