Tips On How To Use 3D Printing For Advertising Purposes

3D printing is a revolutionary tech that has opened new frontiers and has practical applications in virtually every industry. The marketing sector is no exception. More marketers are now keen to embrace 3D printing and adapt its potential applications for advertising instead of sticking to traditional methods. Here’s how you can use 3D printing for your next advertising campaign and reap the benefits beyond just manufacturing.

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Personalized Experience

Look around and you’ll find successful businesses focusing on providing value instead of striving to make sales. Taking your customer on board makes them feel valuable. You can use 3D printing to provide a hands-on and personalized experience in creating your products. Advertising campaigns like these can boost brand awareness and aid in building a reliable customer base. Here’s an example.

A few years back, a popular car manufacturer used 3D printing to provide hands-on experience in terms of designing a car model. They asked users to come up with 3D printed designs. The top designs were even turned into real-life cars. 3D printing has undoubtedly improved the personal experience, allowing them to be a part of the process and make them connect to the brand. 

Product Customization

You can take product customizations to the next level using 3D printing. Allow your customers to tweak the products according to their preferences. Giving them a chance to optimize and deliver as expected can significantly boost the conversion rates. The use of stampanto 3D in the marketing and manufacturing industries can provide better marketing results. Several consumer-related statistics reveal that most customers are inclined on having a customized product and will even pay more. Using the product customization strategy for marketing will surely increase your leads and customer base. 

Provided Value

As mentioned above, the main focus of a business should be to provide value. Furthermore, the basic framework of marketing lies in providing value to the customer. Similarly, when using 3D printing for your marketing campaign, you deliver value to the customers for better marketing outcomes. Here’s another example of an innovative marketing campaign that used 3D printing to convey what they are selling and provide customer value at the same time. The insurance company started providing users with a facility to 3D print their keys. There are times when your keys can get lost. The insurance provider offered to store the 3D scan of your keys and print them when required. They even allowed the 3D scan to be exported to the customer if they have access to a 3D printer elsewhere. 

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From 3D printed organs to streamlining complex processes like rapid prototyping, 3D technology is facilitating every industry. The use of 3D printing in marketing allows manufacturers to maintain an innovative approach during product development, provides a higher personalization level, and can cut down costs during product R&D.

3D printing allows true product optimization options, gets the customers on board in the manufacturing process, and adds value to your services. The mentioned uses of 3D printing in marketing when implemented correctly can produce fruitful results like increasing the conversion rates, improving the brand identity, and most importantly, the ROI on the marketing campaign you are running. 

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