Three Tricks to Improve your ROI Using Mobile Advertising Trucks

Written by: David Leo and Alma Escudero

All company’s strive to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI) but most of their advertising dollars end up going towards print, television and radio ads, all the while the best option for a greater markup is using mobile advertising trucks. 

Should you want to expand your company’s exposure and in turn profitability, there is no better way than through mobile advertising. In 2017 the OAAA found that for every dollar spent on OOH (Out Of Home) advertising, an average of $5.97 is made back in product sales, which would produce the higher ROI as compared to the other forms of advertisement.

Movia OLG OOH ad in a residential area

Here are three tricks that could help you maximize your potential ROI:

Creativity is Key and can be Worthwhile

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, having a captivating mobile billboard surely must be worth a million. One thing audiences will always remember is an advertisement that is creative, something that will stick with them for a long time after they see it. The best example of creative advertisements would be how it has become a tradition to get memorable commercials during the Super Bowl.

Due to the high costs but the amount of exposure that comes with airing an ad during the Super Bowl it leads to high end productions that captivate their audiences attention for at least 30 seconds. 

It is also not uncommon to find different brands using billboard spaces to be creative and catch their potential customer’s attention. In 2019, during the Toronto Raptors NBA Championship run sportswear manufacturer New Balance partnered with Raptors star man, and noted “Fun Guy”, Kawhi Leonard for a comical set of billboards. 

So why stop at just commercials and static billboards?

Busy Street with Static Billboards lining buildings

Using a company like Movia, your brand can target the audience you want using GPS technology on their trucks, but it won’t solely be your target market on the road during the campaigns but also other potential customers who might not have been considered, being as creative as possible is a fantastic way to draw new eyes to your brand, while also reinforcing your brand strength with those familiar with your business.

Catching your customers attention using mobile advertising trucks can be tricky but there are some simple ways to stand out from the competition:

  • Be innovative: Think about how you want your business displayed throughout the city, font type/size, the color scheme, any pictures you might want, there are plenty of ways in which you can be creative with your mobile advertisements.
  • Memorability: Once you have your composition picked out, you will need a piece of written text that will resonate with your audiences long after they pass your mobile advertising truck. If your mobile trucks are on the roads, note that most people passing by the truck on the street or in their car will only be around your advertisement for likely only a few minutes and in that time you need to make a big impression that your audience will carry with them for much longer. A simple slogan or some memorable words matched with your eye-popping display will help audiences resonate with your brand.
  • Make it relevant: Don’t just be another truck advertisement, make them not stop looking at you. Remember! There is almost no escape to our type of advertisement, so it makes it worth watching; using the right information and giving it the tone to your target audience will be more appealing, would help you do it.  A recent Nielsen survey found that 23 percent of respondents have gone online to find information about an advertiser they saw on a billboard. And 16 percent have visited the advertisers’ website after a billboard caught their attention.
  • Messaging: What type of overall message do you want to send to the public with your advertisement? Having an effective message could be the key to turning potential customers into one’s with a long-lasting relationship. 

The mobile advertising sphere lends itself to brands with the most creativity, and by combining advertisements that catch the public’s eye in more ways than one and the sheer mass of impressions with various trucks carrying your message throughout densely populated cities, using mobile advertising trucks will certainly capitalize on a rapidly growing industry.

Coca-Cola OOH Ad in Spanish

Time your Campaign Perfectly 

Understanding your audience is crucial to run a good advertisement. Knowing what they like, where they are and at what time, could help you magnify its impact. 

For example, a purse company wants to enter a new market, so it is launching a backpack for students, with space for laptops and side pockets for water bottles and cellphones. The best moment will be having trucks around malls and places who sell school supplies but, at which moment? 

The ideal time for a mobile truck advertisement would be before the academic year starts when parents are ready to buy things for a new school year. Also, you need to take into consideration that this type of backpack is for teens or older. Which places do you think your ad would have more impact? 

Taking advantage of certain events related to your service offerings –school fairs, school registrations, etc– it would be beneficial for the campaign. Experts have said that around 50% of people claimed they’ve been highly engaged by a billboard they’ve seen in the last month.

Before taking your mobile billboards to the streets, you should map out where and when your trucks will be on the road depending on your desired audience demographics. Some things to consider when mapping out your route would be the days of the week you want them to go out on, the regions your mobile billboard trucks will be driving through and also the specific roads you would want your fleet of trucks to take. Did you know that 71% of people consciously look at billboards when driving

However, not only the season and place are involved in timing but also, the longevity of your campaign. A longer campaign will not always be better for your target market than a shorter one. Try thinking about your campaign goals, and of course, your budget. 

For example, If you are trying to get more customers’ awareness it would be better to have your billboard advertisement for 6 to 12 months. On the other hand, if you are trying to promote an event, it should be more effective to have a shorter period for the mobile billboard and a day near (at least a month) to the event. 

Create an Event Around your Advertisement

When you run a mobile billboard, the work never stops. Your vehicles need to be in constant movement, but think for a moment, how could you maximize the company’s exposure? Giving the opportunity to your customer to interact with your advertisements. Experts say that an interaction one to one with an ad left and easy embedded in human minds, which embedded will end up with a purchase. 

Combining the benefits of mobile advertising trucks with the exclusivity of a timed event, spreading your brand’s message around town to get your hopeful clientele’s to a designated location would be extremely beneficial.

If your company wants to test out a new product for the public and you want to spread the word as best you can you would find a densely populated area to set up shop, say a mall or a city center, but that will only segment a certain amount of your target audience.

Everyone is willing to try something if you market it as “free” and giving away free products not only improves the consumers’ overall perception about the business, but it also serves as a great way to acquire new customers using the principle of reciprocity.

With the use of a mobile billboard and a set route, you can attract new potential customers to where you have set up shop by also targeting people who might not be traveling to where your event is located, if a person has some time to spare they just might take time out of their day to search your brand out.

Think about it, you are working for a big sausage company. Now, they are launching a special type of hot dog sausage with cheddar on it. It is game day, the square to get to the stadium is crowded, and you are there with a big and creative billboard of a delicious hot dog sausage, but not only that, you have free samples and a good team, giving them away with enthusiasm thus, people are getting closer to the ad to know more about the product.  

Fleet of Mobile Billboard Trucks out front of a Baseball Stadium

In this context, the message has been well promoted. You can see the behavior of the customer and how well it’s being boosted if they keep coming back for more.

Movia saw tremendous results using this type of practice when they partnered with Daydream, Canada’s first sparkling water infused with hemp extracts and adaptogens. Across nine weeks, their one truck generated 3.6 million impressions using urban b2b delivery routes as their driver became a brand ambassador, equipped with hundreds of handouts for the public.

Creating an event around your product, gives consumers the feeling of exclusivity, whether that be by giving something away for free or a fear of missing out, displaying your message on advertisement trucks across the city streets will generate more impressions and therefore more traffic towards your brand.

The more your audience is wowed by the spectacle the more willing they will be to trust your brand. So, you know now! Pick a place and hour, and create an event around your advertisement.


Combining these three simple,yet, effective tricks will help expand your brand’s exposure and should in turn lead to more profitability. As the advertising market focuses in the print, television and radio spaces, using mobile advertising trucks will provide a greater opportunity to spread your message at a far greater rate than could be achieved through other mediums.

Using creativity and great marketing sense, paired with Movia’s geotargeting technology you will target who you want to and when you want to which will help improve your ROI massively. 

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