The Future of QR Codes and Non-Profit Organizations

Despite living in a time where things are accessible to us, not everyone shares in the luxury of privilege. This is important to consider when you see a poster depicting an important fundraiser going on in your area. Try to ask yourself this question: how would I feel if I needed help like some people do in the world? And while customers contemplate that question, non-profit organizations should contemplate one of their own: how can I properly advertise my fundraiser to the public in a way that is effective? How can I emotionally invest the public in my non-profit organization? 

The answer is to invest in OOH advertising. It can help you accomplish your goal to find an audience for your fundraising campaign. OOH advertising uses up-to-date and relevant technology in order to bring visibility and relevance to your organization. It is still considered the leading form of advertising for a reason – it captures consumer interest more than any other form of advertising available in the market. Since OOH advertising pairs with important tools like QR codes, you can expect OOH advertising to be the perfect choice for your company’s advertising needs. 

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The Success of QR Codes 

QR codes are used for a number of things including commercial tracking and advertising. They increase conversion rates substantially by working in tandem with technology (like smartphones) that is accessible to consumers. If a customer uses their camera to take a picture of a QR code, they can be automatically linked to an organization’s website in seconds. Even on the go, consumers can conveniently access your website information. This means that your website can gain traction without you having to lift a finger. QR codes grew in popularity as a pandemic-friendly means of advertising and has grown since it’s post-COVID resurrection. It isn’t likely that QR codes will diminish in popularity anytime soon. It is reported that by 2022, 5.3 billion QR codes will be scanned by customers. It would be smart to invest in billboards and other OOH advertising equipped with QR codes to increase traffic towards your website. After all, the future is QR code advertising, and keeping up-to-date with OOH technology can help boost your visibility in a highly competitive market. 

Billboards utilize QR codes in order to drive consumers towards company websites. Many companies have thought of creative ways to pair OOH advertising with QR codes to optimize website traffic. Not only that, but some diners use them to provide their menus to customers during the pandemic. While customers search through the menu, they also have access to the restaurant’s website information and are more inclined to explore it, which is better than just handing out a simple, boring old menu. In 2020, 83% of survey respondents said they had scanned a QR code. Many QR codes are used on OOH advertisements located at bus shelters, on benches, and street kiosks. Since the public frequents these areas on a daily basis, they are more likely to notice and scan the QR code on your advertisement. Whether they know it or not, QR codes are perfect for fundraising campaigns and non-profit organizations because of what they offer for customers on the street. 


OOH Advertising and Fundraising Campaigns

Non-profit organizations can benefit from QR codes by using them in their advertising campaigns. OOH advertising works often with QR codes because they are known for influencing buying intent. They catch people’s eyes and interest, more so than just digital advertising alone. There is enough interest in QR codes that 39% of consumers want to see more of them used in the future. Billboards equipped with QR codes provide a quick connection between consumer and company. They are a refreshing take on advertising that is new and easy for customers of all ages to use. In the case of non-profit organizations, these QR codes are crucial because they hyperlink their websites straight to the public, which is much more effective than a simple commercial on television or a radio ad. Post-Covid, it was reported that many non-profit organizations will see a 60% decrease in fundraising abilities. More visits to your website equals more attention on your world-changing fundraiser. Also, people can be directed to your donation pages, giving them the quick and easy choice to donate to your cause. 

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QR Codes and Electronic Payment Systems 

In a fundraising campaign run by GPY&R Melbourne for Public Transport Victoria, people can use their transportation cards to donate rides to homeless youth through a billboard advertisement. This is a very important tool that can have big results for non-profit organizations around the world. Having easy access to donation pages means more contributions to your fundraiser. QR codes are capable of providing touchless payment opportunities using PayPal or Apple Pay. This is vital in a world that is emerging from a pandemic. People are more inclined to use touchless methods like QR codes instead of touch screen kiosks. In a world where you can pay with something through the use of your smartphone, it is easier than ever to donate to a cause through QR codes and OOH advertisements. People can get involved with organizations without attending social events, which is important post-pandemic. Now, it’s easier than ever to do your part and support local charities using billboard advertising. 

Paying it Forward With OOH Advertising

In 2017, approximately 168,237 non-profit organizations were operating worldwide to change the future in the UK alone. You can imagine how high that number is combined with the rest of the world. With many non-profit organizations using billboards, posters and other OOH advertising tools, it’s time to think about what will catch a person’s eye the most when they are out in public. QR codes are paving the way for social change even in a time where people aren’t very social due to the pandemic, which is an impressive accomplishment. You want people to visit your website more than usual – try OOH ads equipped with QR codes to make it easier for customers to access your landing page and contribute to your important fundraising campaign.

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