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How much do LED Billboards cost?

In today’s world everything is digital, when it comes to billboards, up until a few years ago they used to be just big vinyl wraps covering billboards. Today vinyl billboards still exist but are slowly starting to be replaced by Digital billboards. Specifically, there are more LED billboards popping up around cities and rural areas. Compared to vinyl or painted billboards there LED billboards are quite expensive but they are worth the price. You are able to put out more content on a digital billboard that a regular billboard, or even a mobile billboard. They are also easier to update and once setup the maintenance and up keep of these billboards is very minimal. The cost for these billboards will vary depending on the size and specific features you would want to have on your LED billboard. For example, your simplest billboard that is 2X8’ can cost around $4,500. You must also have a creative and eye-catching ad to be implemented with a LED billboard advertisement. Having a basic ad will not grab a lot of impressions. It has to be bright and vibrant but also convey the message easily so that the consumer who is looking at it for that 30 seconds or less is understanding what the advertiser is trying to say within the illustrated advertisement.

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How much do led billboards cost?

A digital billboard that is similar in size to a traditional highway billboard costs between $50,000 and $250,000. The below image is the billboard size that will fall in this price range. The higher the resolution, the higher the price. Keep in mind that is only for a one-sided sign. Adding a second side will nearly double the price.


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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Billboard

This question comes up a lot when people think of the beginning stages of billboard construction. And, if you’re planning on doing this with a smaller team, it’s good to be aware of what you may need to fish out. The key factors influencing the cost of building an outdoor billboard are the size of the billboard, material for the structure, the configuration of the supports, and the height of the structure. The second most important cost factor is whether the billboard will be single or double-faced. It completely depends on the type of billboard that you are constructing. 

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How Effective are Billboard Ads?

Advertising is a great way to reach out to a specific target audience and communicate with them, which can be done by many marketing strategies. Tools like print media, TV advertisements, radio ads, sign boards, banners and billboards are all valuable ways in speaking to consumers. Billboards have been a commonly used asset for years. Whether traditional or modern, big or small companies invest in billboard advertising to get recognized from a distance. Billboard advertising is a form of advertising that is hugely effective, and has an abundance of benefits. When marketers invest big money in billboard advertisements, and they remain a product visible to a selection of the population, you can’t help but wonder how they’ll be effective in our ecosystems. 

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Digital Billboards vs. Mobile Billboards – What do I do?


digital billboard, outdoor advertsing

Technology has brought us great changes in life and business. That also works when we’re talking about out-of-home advertising, as we’re already used to see many digital billboards on the streets of Toronto. Have you thought about including digital or traditional billboards in your marketing campaign?

We most certainly have, and we’ll tell you all about them!

Digital billboards are like LCD screens which you see on the streets, are a great way of promoting your brand and products, since you can create videos and motion graphics for advertising. However, these kinds of media can be four times the value of traditional billboards!

Some marketing professionals also say that you must use digital billboards carefully, because, depending on the location, too much movement on display can be distracting for vehicles. What marketers usually recommend is to avoid putting your tv commercial on your digital billboard and use them for rotation of more static ads.

On the other hand, a moving billboard is a traditional out-of-home media that puts ads on the side of trucks that runs around the streets spreading brand awareness. They can be accommodating, especially when you want to reach a high number of targets.

moving billboard, truck advertising, mobile billboards

If you think that technology has nothing to do with it, you are here for a treat! Moving billboards use sophisticated GPS device that uses people’s cellphone’s Wi-Fi signals to count the number of targets impacted with a company’s advertisement. Cool, right?

As you can see, technology is here for our favour, and it’s our job as marketers to understand the best way of using it for the growth of our business. If you have something to add about this subject, comment!

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