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Consistent increase in Digital Outdoor Advertisements

OOH advertising (also known as out-of-home advertising) as we know has evolved an enormous amount since its inception. Technology industries, food industries, gaming industries, you name it, have turned to OOH advertising to spread brand awareness through giant OOH billboards, and we have seen these companies benefit. Reddit co-founder Alexis O’Hanian announced in mid-2018 that […]

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DOOH and Programmatic OOH Advertising Takes Off In China

Although it’s no surprise that Out-of-Home (OOH) ad spending in the United States is the highest of any country on earth, according to Statista, ad spending in the OOH advertising segment in China is projected to reach $8.839 million in 2021. China has one of the largest OOH markets in the world and has recently […]

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The Short-Form Video Is Taking Over DOOH Advertising

The omni-channel approach to advertising has become somewhat of an integral part of any advertiser’s strategy. Consumers like to be stimulated in more ways than one, and in order to engage them to the fullest capacity, a lot of advertisers have been using Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising to do it. Short-format videos specifically have recently […]

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Bringing Fans and Celebs Closer Through OOH

Raoul Buencuchillo, President of one of the country’s leading Out-of-Home (OOH) firms,HDI Admix, recently spotted some interesting advertising trends for OOH in 2021. He noted that since all the ad clutter is now online, people are attracted to the idea of putting their personal messages on billboards, allowing them to express themselves in a bold […]

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Out of Home 101 – What You Need to Know about OOH Advertising in 2021

What is Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising? OOH is a form of advertising that’s located anywhere outside of a consumer’s home. It can be a mix of billboards, bus shelters, transit, mobile, place-based, and digital displays. Although it is considered a traditional medium, it remains ideal for bringing value to advertisers and helping brands reconnect with consumers. […]

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The Development of Dynamic DOOH Advertising

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising has been increasing in popularity and scope over the past five years. This is because the medium has become easier to use, more creative, and better at targeting any given demographic more precisely. Add a global pandemic into the mix, and the use and the development of DOOH increases at an […]

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A billboard showing a shark and someone holding their phone up to it with the message on the phone "Turn on the light to reveal the ocean's most terrifying killer"

How Smartphones Increase OOH Advertising Engagement

In the past decade, smartphones have become the most popular available technology with over four billion active smartphone users worldwide. Smartphones are widely used for social media sharing, interacting with different apps, and gaining valuable data about one’s surroundings. In recent years, these mobile devices have been integrated into OOH (Out-of-Home) advertisements through posters, truck-side, […]

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Three colorful images in a subway station with tips on how to stop the Covid spread.

How OOH is Impacting the Healthcare Industry

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the healthcare industry has been at the forefront. Several different pharmaceutical companies have created vaccines that are now being distributed around the world, meaning that the pandemic is coming closer to an end. Although we all hope that Covid will soon be a thing of the past, the healthcare […]

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Digital billboard with different companies logos.

OOH Will Become More Digitally Driven in 2021

The world has changed greatly over the past 20 years with technology advancing to new heights beyond our wildest dreams. Essentially every field of work has changed the way they operate with new technology emerging and making our lives more efficient and fast-paced. In other words, technology gets the work done in ways that humans […]

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