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How to Accelerate Your Digital Presence with OOH

With the growing popularity of digital technology, it may seem that the most logical strategy for advertisers is to invest in online and social media. However, many major brands, such as Bumble, Modsy, and Casper have gone along a slightly different advertising journey with out-of-home (OOH) – advertising, and were followed by great success. With […]

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Mcdonald's billboard advertisement saying "hail to the beef"

How to Advertise Your Restaurant with Out-of-Home

We’ve all been there – it’s late in the evening and you just got off a long day of work, and the last thing you want to do is cook up a storm in the kitchen. You’ve decided that tonight is take-out night and you haven’t stopped thinking about that juicy McD’s Angus beef burger […]

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Healthcare OOH ad

Healthcare Dollars are Moving from TV to OOH

More than ever before, consumers are interested in staying healthy and advertisers are beginning to take notice. In recent years, advertising for the healthcare industry has seen a shift from TV to out-of-home (OOH).  In 2018, 55% of the global healthcare ad spend went to TV advertising. But this number is predicted to decline by […]

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Why OOH Is Thriving and Other Traditional Media Isn’t

It may seem surprising that in our constantly evolving and fast-paced society, out-of-home (OOH) advertising – one of the oldest forms of marketing – continues to thrive. Nonetheless, outdoor advertising has evolved alongside shifting technologies and emerging markets. According to OOH Today, outdoor advertising has grown for more than 36  consecutive quarters,  while ad spending […]

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Digital Billboards vs. Mobile Billboards – What do I do?


digital billboard, outdoor advertsing

Technology has brought us great changes in life and business. That also works when we’re talking about out-of-home advertising, as we’re already used to see many digital billboards on the streets of Toronto. Have you thought about including digital or traditional billboards in your marketing campaign?

We most certainly have, and we’ll tell you all about them!

Digital billboards are like LCD screens which you see on the streets, are a great way of promoting your brand and products, since you can create videos and motion graphics for advertising. However, these kinds of media can be four times the value of traditional billboards!

Some marketing professionals also say that you must use digital billboards carefully, because, depending on the location, too much movement on display can be distracting for vehicles. What marketers usually recommend is to avoid putting your tv commercial on your digital billboard and use them for rotation of more static ads.

On the other hand, a moving billboard is a traditional out-of-home media that puts ads on the side of trucks that runs around the streets spreading brand awareness. They can be accommodating, especially when you want to reach a high number of targets.

moving billboard, truck advertising, mobile billboards

If you think that technology has nothing to do with it, you are here for a treat! Moving billboards use sophisticated GPS device that uses people’s cellphone’s Wi-Fi signals to count the number of targets impacted with a company’s advertisement. Cool, right?

As you can see, technology is here for our favour, and it’s our job as marketers to understand the best way of using it for the growth of our business. If you have something to add about this subject, comment!

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