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The Evolution of OOH Advertising – Why the Legacy Lives On

Ever wonder how billboards first emerged? Take Times Square for example, the vibrant colors and lights from billboards illuminate the street corners and are now its trademark. But what is the history behind these billboards? In today’s world, Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is not only confined to billboards, it consists of a mix of billboards, digital […]

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Out of Home 101 – What You Need to Know about OOH Advertising in 2021

What is Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising? OOH is a form of advertising that’s located anywhere outside of a consumer’s home. It can be a mix of billboards, bus shelters, transit, mobile, place-based, and digital displays. Although it is considered a traditional medium, it remains ideal for bringing value to advertisers and helping brands reconnect with consumers. […]

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A billboard showing a shark and someone holding their phone up to it with the message on the phone "Turn on the light to reveal the ocean's most terrifying killer"

How Smartphones Increase OOH Advertising Engagement

In the past decade, smartphones have become the most popular available technology with over three billion active users worldwide. Smartphones are widely used for social media sharing, interacting with different apps, and gaining valuable data about one’s surroundings. In recent years, these mobile devices have been integrated into OOH (Out-of-Home) advertisements through posters, truck-side, and […]

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OOH Augmented Reality – A Virtual Escape

In the world we live in today, human interaction is limited as we’ve quickly adapted to socially distancing ourselves from one another. As a result, people are constantly searching for alternatives to communicate better in order to overcome social isolation anxiety. Digital mediums that provide interaction such as social media, online gaming, and streaming platforms […]

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A funeral services OOH billboard with an old woman in a dress and the message "You always said you wouldn't be caught dead in that dress. You'd better tell them now."

The Most Controversial OOH Advertisements

The advertising industry is known for using creativity, innovation, and that ‘shock’ factor to captivate consumers into buying a product or service. Because of this, many advertisements can be seen as controversial. It seems that sometimes ads can spark more interest in an audience while other times they can be so controversial that the company […]

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New Year, New You – Fitness OOH Advertisements

It’s that time of year when a lot of people are ready to leave old habits behind that have been keeping them from achieving their goals and embrace new ones. We’ve all been exposed to the headlines, “New Year , New you,” or, “This Year is your Year,” at some point in our lives and […]

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billboard of a line of elephants walking with the text "55 killed a day help us stop their march to extinction"

OOH – Not Just For Sales

When you hear the word “advertising”, you will most likely associate it with a product or service. However, the industry is much more than just  boosting sales. As people’s attention on global matters and social issues becomes more and more fixated, many organizations and companies have realized and used advertising, especially OOH, to their advantages […]

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Purolator's new Mobile Quick Stop service truck with the city of Toronto in the background.

Top Tips for OOH Advertising During the Wintertime

As the winter months approach, companies are actively trying to promote their products and services in the most effective ways possible. Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is one of the best ways to advertise this winter because of the creativity, consumer engagement, and brand awareness that this platform is able to achieve. A new Nielsen study revealed […]

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OOH Advertisements #GOINGVIRAL

As we approach the new year, it’s safe to say that social media platforms have become an integral part of our daily lives. Now more than ever, businesses are depending on social media to thrive via e-commerce sales. Consumers are relying more on social media to stay updated, interact, and make purchases. According to a […]

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OOH – A Key Player in the Environmental Movement

The world has come a long way from the industrial age to the digital age. Industries have provided many conveniences for our everyday life, however, somewhere along the way, the Earth has been taken for granted. The environment is in dire need for change and people have heard the call. The younger generations have become […]

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