Reasons for Start-Ups To Embrace Outdoor Advertisements 

While the new ways of digital advertising are highly effective in getting your brand to stand out from its competitors, we cannot underestimate the effectiveness of the old-school method of outdoor advertisements. 

This is especially true for start-up businesses that need maximum exposure with little investment. Outdoor advertising delivers just that—more output with less spending. 

This was not the case earlier when outdoor advertising campaigns cost a lot, but today they are more affordable.

What is Outdoor Advertising?

As the name suggests, outdoor or billboard advertising involves offline advertisements you see outside your home. This includes billboards, transit advertisements, ads displayed on phone booths, kiosks, street poles, and so on. 

Contrary to advertisements on social media that carry the risk of suffering market saturation, outdoor advertising is received more favorably. Market saturation is when the advertisements don’t appeal to the masses anymore since they constantly see them. 

That is an added benefit for startups who cannot afford to come off as a nuisance. 

Additionally, outdoor advertising campaigns are cost-effective. 

Types of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertisements take place outdoors, where they are more likely to grab people’s attention. Although billboards are the main form of outdoor advertising, there are other equally effective forms of it.

  • Billboards

These are advertisements on large boards and are mainly displayed in important locations.

  • Wallscapes

One of the most attractive forms of outdoor advertising, wallscapes are mostly placed on the walls of prominent buildings. 

  • Transit Advertisements 

These are displayed on different forms of transportation as a way to attract non-commuters. 

  • Street Furniture

These include advertisements on benches, kiosks, bus stops, street poles, etc.

  • Mural Ads

These are ads that are hand-painted on walls. 

  • Point of Sale Ads

These include posters, displays, banners, signs, etc., generally displayed around the till area of shops.

Importance of outdoor advertising for startups

Advertising in any form is great for businesses, both big and small, as it helps attract customers and leave an everlasting impression on them. 

With the advent of digital forms of marketing with the likes of Pathlabs media buying agency, it looked like outdoor advertising would become ineffective; however, that is not the case, as more and more brands are still turning towards it. 

Outdoor advertising is especially beneficial for small businesses as it is affordable and provides higher returns. Here’s how it helps startups:

  • Wide Reach

Outdoor advertisements, when placed in the most prominent locations, have the power to attract a wide reach. Unlike ads on social media which can get blocked by ad blockers, outdoor advertisements remain visible to everyone. 

New businesses reap a lot of benefits from outdoor advertising, such as transit ads that can go beyond a given location, thus attracting even more people. 

  • Affordable

Outdoor advertising campaigns require less investment, unlike television and newspaper ads. Being low cost, it also provides high returns, apparent from the wide visibility and reach that this form of advertising has.

  • Reaches Other Markets

Forms of advertising that depend on mediums such as television, newspapers, and cell phones can impact only those people that have access to them. Outdoor advertising, however, does not need these mediums to get people’s attention. They are free for everyone to view. 

  • Cements Brand Loyalty

Outdoor advertisements get repeated exposure from their target audience, which helps in creating and sustaining brand loyalty. For instance, ads displayed on busy streets are viewed by the same people passing through them, this deeply impacts them, thus resulting in strong brand loyalty and awareness.

  • Grabs Attention

This is a given. Outdoor advertisements, whether big or small, are capable of turning heads. This coupled with a witty slogan and eye-popping colors, is a sure-shot way to attract people’s attention and stay on their minds for longer. 


In order to get people to notice your startup brand, you don’t need to resort to expensive tactics, as outdoor advertising is just as effective. Being a traditional form of advertising, it might seem irrelevant in today’s digital age; however, with most businesses moving to digital options, it makes sense not to become a part of that flock. 

Outdoor advertising is not anything new, but it is highly effective and also affordable, which makes it a great option for startup businesses.

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