Moving Billboard vs. Bus Shelter Advertising – How can I decide?

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Today we’re going to talk about two different Out-of-home advertising media and which one you should consider using in your marketing plan: moving billboard and bus shelter advertising.


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For those who don’t know, a moving billboard it’s a type of advertising where you place your ad on the side of a truck, and it turns into a Mobile Billboard. Bus shelter advertising is an advertising display on a bus shelter that is used to show an advertiser’s product or service.


Bus Shelter Advertising, advertising, outdoor advertising, outdoor advertisements, OOH



Now I bet you’re asking: which one is better for me?

It depends! Each one of them has singularities that make them an excellent option to advertise your business. First, you’ll need to know everything about your target. What do they do? Where do they live? Are they spread geographically or your aim is more of local consumers?

These are important questions because you’ll need to know if you’re going to invest in a media that reaches many people or more of a direct approach.


Bus Shelter Advertising, advertising, outdoor advertising, outdoor advertisements, OOH


A bus shelter advertisement, for instance, is an affordable stationary advertisement located at bus stops. For that reason, it’s suitable for specific audiences and works amazingly for small local business. Your family restaurant, bakery, pharmacy, etc., can make good use of bus shelter advertising so people can recall your brand (address, working hours and phone number) later.

Now, if you are a growing business and want to reach a bigger audience, you might need to invest in moving billboards. These type of advertisement is also affordable and can reach large portions of your target since it’s moving around.

While the use of a mobile billboard is still targetable to specific area bus shelters can be extremely hyperlocal. Sometimes to do this, you need to plan your campaigns well in advance to do Bus shelter Advertising in a specific location. Sometimes this can end up costing you more if you want to request a particular area of bus shelters.

The bottom line is, if you know your target’s behaviour it will be simple to decide whether you use bus shelter advertising or moving billboards. They can do wonders for your brand’s promotion!

If you have any doubts or comments, let’s talk about it!

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