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Mobile retargeting has become a necessary inclusion in the mission of advertising and branding. It is an extremely efficient method of making a second impression with all of your potential clients. On top of that, it is sure to increase your chances of creating positive impressions between your ads and those interacting with them. As such, it should be implemented by all companies and brands who are looking to increase their outreach and brand recognition. Mobile retargeting is the future of continuing and drawing out consumer connections.

In this article, I will be going through the step-by-step process of mobile retargeting and the integral role it plays in billboard advertising.


Image illustrating Haulerads truck mobile retargeting

Step 1: Billboard Advertising

Before you can implement your mobile retargeting technique, you first must advertise the ad you wish people to see. At Movia Media, these ads will be seen on the sides of trucks. So, you have your ad on the truck, now what? Well, Movia Media will be sure to have your ad pass by the eyes of many potential customers. We guarantee that any ad you place on one of our trucks, depending on the number of weeks you have the ad out doing the rounds, will see up to two million people per month. Moreover, from the ones who have interacted with our ads, 76% showed intent to purchase while 75% believed that the ad was a unique way to market to commuters. So, at the very least, you will have people talking about your ad and the methods used to advertise it.

Movia Media has created a proprietary technology that allows us to track how many impressions you get. Meaning, we can track every single person who has potentially interacted with your ad. We are able to successfully do this by tracking all those who have the wifi turned on on their phones. And, let’s be honest, in the digital age we are living in, you will be hard pressed to find someone without a wifi signal on their phone. When your wifi is on, it is constantly looking to connect to a network. Movia Media tech can detect that and count the person associated with that phone as a potential impression. Furthermore, the technology we have created can recognize those who actually have the potential of interacting with an ad on the side of one of our trucks. For example, if the truck is driving down a busy downtown street it will know not to connect to any one of the phones associated to people who are inside any of the adjacent buildings, creating a sort of buffer zone. This makes sure to only pick up the wifi networks of phones of the people who are on the streets, either on the road, or bystanders on the sidewalk, i.e. potential impressions.

We also have “live fleet analytics” which will allow you to track each truck individually anywhere in North America, daily. We do this through live GPS tracking so you will always have eyes on your truck, regardless of where it may be in the entirety of North America. The data we collect includes such statistics as, its daily activity, average daily impressions, total impressions, a live heat map and a number of pie and bar graphs. So, if you ever want to know how your truck is doing and how many viewers it is getting in a targeted area you could do so, and do it live too.

This level of data and information will be sure to help any company understand their audience better and have a more comprehensive idea of how many potential customers they can reach through the use of truck side advertising. More than that, this is the first step of mobile retargeting. Once our proprietary technology has made a connection to a potential consumer’s phone, it is in that step that the mobile retargeting process can begin. After, you can truly start to see the success of your ads and the possibilities that come along with mobile retargeting.


Info regarding mobile phone use outdoors


Step 2: Mobile Retargeting

Now that you have completed the first step of implementing a successful ad or branding campaign through the use of truck side advertising, you are ready for the second step of the process. Once you have connected with a potential customer through their wifi you will now be able to access a lot of stats that will be sure to help you understand your audience better. This is done by connecting to the device’s ID and, from that, the technology they have created now has access to a lot of information to advertise better to the specific users of each device. Now, they are capable of seeing the apps you frequent most and are able to place the ad you had seen on the truck earlier, on a specific app on your phone that you tend to visit frequently. And, from this, you are able to create a positive impression with a potential client. When they see your ad again it creates a level of brand recognition, leaving them more likely to buy what you are selling. Positive impressions cannot be underestimated; they are an incredible way for brands and consumers to start building a relationship with one another. First, it starts with brand outreach and recognition and, hopefully, ends with brand loyalty. All of this is to say that mobile retargeting is a tool that must be utilized in every ad campaign to produce the optimum results.

Now, this is the very streamlined version of how things get done because there is a lot more to it than how it was just described. Mobile retargeting is an incredible tool to use to your advantage as it gives you a competitive edge over other companies who have not yet fully understood the importance of mobile retargeting or successfully executed it.

The data you receive through mobile retargeting is very telling. Firstly, you have access to the GPS coordinates which helps you know where the impressions were precisely made. This type of information can help businesses find potential target areas where they are received better and allow for the highest rate of return. Then, you will be able to see the browsing patterns associated with all of the devices you connect with. This allows you to know which of the apps on that specific device are best to retarget the ad on. After some time, you will be able to see the engagement history. The benefit of this is that you will be able to decide how often you want to retarget your ad. This comprehensive process allows you to not only make the most out of your ad, in terms of sales, but also make the most out of all the data you are able to collect. The data is what helps you understand the market that you are in and how to mold that market in the most advantageous way for your business.

If you are still not satisfied with the plethora of information through mobile retargeting, there is even more info at your disposal. When you access a specific device you will also be able to discern the type of device they are using. This becomes helpful when you want to know whether the majority of your customers are Apple or Android users. This can help you with the future ads you wish to run and whether or not you choose to make those ads more compatible with Apple or Android devices. More so, you will also have access to the users’ gender and age. This type of information allows you to understand the demographic you are selling to better. And, just like the device type, this information allows you to curate your ads or campaigns to a more specific target audience, should you wish to do so. As you become more aware of your target audience and what they are receptive to, you will be sure to help see your sales and brand recognition increase.


Mobile retargeting connects you to a consumer profile, in a lot of ways


Step 3: Understanding the Out-of-Home Advantage

Now that you have an all-inclusive understanding of how the inner workings of mobile retargeting takes place, you will be able to successfully take part in out-of-home advertising and truly appreciate the intricacies involved with location-based advertising techniques. The techniques are used to garner comprehensive knowledge on all the impressions you make with your ad and the potential customers that that brings about.

At Movia Media, you will be able to understand all of these complex advertising techniques in the simplest of ways. We will help with all of your mobile retargeting needs. More than that, we will be able to help you gage the scale you are looking towards executing it with different options to help you find a custom solution for your unique campaign. As it says on our website, “Out of Home or Outdoor Advertising can be a powerful tool on its own. Mobile Device Retargeting reaches your ideal customer at an ideal time. Pairing these channels together drives tremendous results.” This statement from us really drives home the value that is brought through mobile retargeting and how OOH billboard advertising and mobile retargeting go hand-in-hand when executing any successful marketing campaign.

We include an “All in one package plan” that will satisfy the requirements of any company or brand. Movia Media has broken it down in four different categories that I will go through to help you better understand our process. Firstly, fraud detection: through proprietary algorithms, we will be able to easily filter out bots and unwanted protection. Through this, we will be able to successfully prevent any fraudulent or malicious traffic. Secondly, targeting: mobile retargeting gives you access to copious amounts of information that allows you to specifically locate your target audience and make the most out of your ad or campaign. This also gives you the ability to have positive impressions with the device users. Thirdly, easy preview: you will have no problem looking at your ad before it goes live to see exactly what it will look like when it is cruising down the streets and highways, without the need for test devices. Fourthly, and finally, around the clock support: you will have constant access to speak with real agents at Movia Media to help with any questions or concerns you might have regarding the ad, mobile retargeting, etc. So, should any problem arise you will be in good hands 24/7 and will be back up and running in no time. In this way, every move you make will be meticulously calculated and you will be covered at every step along the way of your successful campaign.

Mobile retargeting truck with wifi based connections run efficiently through Movia Media

Successfully Completing Your Mobile Retargeting Strategy

If you have understood and implemented the above steps for mobile retargeting correctly, you are sure to now fully understand the benefit it adds to your mobile billboard advertising initiatives. Location-based advertising techniques will be sure to leave you well pleased in your endeavours to have a successful advertisement or branding campaign. And, at Movia Media, you will be sure to see similar, if not, exponential results each time you partner up with us for any of your advertising needs.

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