How to Use a Great Truck Ad to Steal Market Share From Your Competitors

The impressive superpowers of creative truck ads are nothing new to the titans of marketing, however, you might be astonished by just how far the creativity of some truck ads might go. Check out some of these guerilla advertising tactics used by truck ads, they are some of the most unorthodox and spectacular mobile billboards in the industry. 

Take your audience to the next dimension with a three dimensional ad truck

A three dimensional truck advertisement from Heineken, where the trailer of the truck is shaped as a heineken can.
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This is a phenomenal example of an ad truck by the beer company Heineken which definitely steals the spotlight in the alcohol industry. Making a shift from traditional truck ads to three dimensional and interactive truck ads is a guaranteed way of capturing the eyes and the minds of just about anyone on the road. It also has to be mentioned that even though we have seen a fair share of three dimensional truck ads, they are still relatively uncommon for an average city, which means that the early adopters of this trend will have a huge leverage of attention acquisition.

Apply social media to your truck ads to make them more personal

A political truck advertisement with Donald Trump's tweet on it.
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Here we have an ad truck that received endless attention back in 2018. Although this truck has a political message behind it, its efficacy proves that it works. People are tired of seeing generic and banal texts on truck ads, which inevitably results in lost money and attention. The key ingredient to capturing a larger market share through truck ads is by making the message more personal. Making people feel more ‘connected’ with the message on the canvas of a moving truck by using internet and social media trends such as memes, famous tweets, and trending internet fads will assure you a connection with the consumers which will grow your market share in the industry. 

Give your truck ads the touch of entertainment – make them fun to look at

One of the biggest mistakes we see with truck ads is that we often forget to give bystanders a real reason to look at our brand message. This assumption is costing many businesses their portion of the market share, however, there is a solution. The perfect formula for producing a super effective truck ad is the following:

Educating the consumer + Entertainment = Attention Acquisition 

An image of a truck ad with a whale on it from the organisation PETA

If your goal is to truly stand out from your competitors, you want to avoid making a strictly educational truck ad. In the noisy world of technology, people’s attention span is very limited and hard to acquire, therefore, the element of entertainment is the necessary variable to getting people hooked to the message on your truck ad.

Avoid the banal routine of audience targeting

Yet another reason why truck ads (If done properly and creatively) will actually help you secure a more dominant position in the marketplace is because they offer so much room for brand exposure. In the digital era of marketing, where every company from big to small is doing crazy online targeting through social media platforms, consumers have grown frustrated and overstimulated with tricky persuasion attempts and banal advertisements from marketers. This is exactly where truck ads come into play. Not only are truck advertisements an unorthodox method of advertising as compared to digital ads, they also carry the spotlight on them. Your company’s brand message spread all across the big bold moving canvas is hard to miss from the consumer’s standpoint! Check out some of these truck advertisements that will grab the attention of virtually anyone, anywhere, anytime. 

Going against the wave – Avoid duplicating your competitors methods

Another huge misconception in the world of marketing is that, simply because a new trend in marketing happens to work quite effectively (In some cases, super well, such as the original wave of Facebook ads and Google Adwords), the trend will work for all companies and businesses. This is a flawed logic for several reasons. First and foremost, new marketing trends have a short shelf life, meaning that once loads of companies start using it, it becomes saturated, more expensive to use, and even more difficult for it to deliver any results at all. For example, Google Adwords, in the early 2000’s, were significantly cheaper and a lot easier to acquire serious results as well. Fast forward to 2022, although Adwords still works, the costs of it have skyrocketed and virtually any keyword you could think of has been in circulation a million times already. 

How does any of this relate to truck ads helping me grow my market share?

Simple answer. Efficacy and convenience. Although truck ads are still not cheap, they can be a much more financially intelligent alternative to other methodologies of marketing. To add to that, with the modern retargeting technology of mobile billboards, your potential for reach is limitless. Literally. All you need to do is put your marketing team to work and have them brainstorm some sharp, unorthodox, and wildly creative ideas that you can stretch all across the canvas of a moving truck, and the attention of the masses is yours. 

To add to that, the mobile billboard industry is growing like a weed. In 2021, the mobile billboard industry was estimated to be worth over $400 billion, and rising. This has two meanings behind it. One, it proves that truck ads can and will help you expand your market share. And two, more and more companies are starting to add truck advertising to their toolkit, which indicates that in the years to come, the use and the popularity of mobile billboards will bloat, similar to digital marketing in the early 2000’s. Now is the time to turn your marketing mobile and head to the streets with entertaining, amusing, and educational truck ads that promote your brand. 

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