How to Market your Small Business for Less – Affordable Marketing Strategies

Marketing your small business can be a very frustrating thing – it’s true – “you need money to make money” – Well – this is only partially true. Use these free tools at your disposal:

1. Social Media
Sign your business up on popular social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin). Make sure your customers leave reviews on your pages to build a positive reputation. Use hashtags on all your relevant posts to boost potential eyeballs.

2. Produce Content how to measure brand awareness small business
Create educational content and write about different topics that appeal to the niche market you are targeting. This can be done through blogging or video tutorials. If you run out of topics, divide up your content into separate demographics and statistics (a cleaning business can write about “cleaning services in Canada”, “cleaning services in Europe” etc. There is ALWAYS more that can be done.

3. Listings
List your company on the popular business website and niche websites. This will also boost your SEO and bring more traffic to your site.

4. Build a community

Keep frequent contact with your customers, email them promotions and reach back with them to see how they are finding your service. Also, send them surveys. This tool helps adjust for future customers and makes your previous customers feel like you really care.

advantages and disadvantages of out of home advertising

5. CPMs
If you already have your foot in the door and have a marketing budget to spend, begin focussing on CPMs. Since most of the tools here listed are done online, try taking your advertising outdoors. Read more about CPMs and out-of-home advertising here. 
6. Network
Network with other businesses that target a similar niche market and discuss setting up recommendation programs and other incentive offers.

Now you are ready. Spread your entrepreneurial wings and fly!

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