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Written by – Jazmin Alondra Hermosillo Cardenas

Out-of-home advertising (OOH), also known as outdoor advertising, refers to advertising that reaches consumers outside their homes.

These advertisements are a component of above the line advertising strategy that is largely non-targeted and has a wide reach. The main motive of out-of-home advertising is to spread awareness, reinforce, reassure, or direct someone towards the brand or an offering. It’s a shotgun marketing approach where a business gives less importance to conversion rates and more to brand awareness and brand engagement.

Mobile billboards: A mobile billboard is a type of transit media and is generally transported on the back of a vehicle, such as a bus or a truck. 

A mobile billboard truck goes where traditional OOH media can’t. We’ll drive your message to exactly the audience you want, based on demographics, time of day, geographics, and even specific routes and roads.

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Adding OOH to your marketing mix is a chance for small and large businesses to up their game and stay in the league. Here’s are five great reasons why:

The reason OOH complements digital and traditional media so well is thought to be because OOH is seen to be a more credible medium that boosts brand trust, according to industry experts.

In addition, advertising associations report that OOH is a strong sales activator and action motivator, key to the “last window of influence”, that critical time before a primed consumer takes action or makes a purchase.

OOH effectively builds brand awareness and continues to offer great opportunities for strong, bold, and creative advertising that drives brand awareness.

Using OOH advertising for your brand awareness campaigns is a smart move that can elevate your brand and familiarise consumers and target audiences with it.

Consumers are more receptive to and trusting of this type of advertising than other mediums, which makes it perfect to build and solidify a brand.

Strong graphic design and simple, creative concepts help create effective brand recognition in consumers who are otherwise inundated with advertising clutter. The right message at the right time and to the right people can cut right through the noise and provide far better brand memorability.

COMMB studies show that we’re 33% more alert when we’re outside our home, while its American counterpart the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) reports that OOH can boost brand esteem and fame by 62%.

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By placing ads in other mediums, you risk your ad getting diluted by other messaging, as other brands vie for consumer attention. But place some rink boards in the middle of an ice-hockey rink, and you’ll be one of very few large, attention-drawing ads.

The scale of outdoor advertising is stunning, and it effectively conveys a brand’s core values or purpose by using a larger-than-life style. A great outdoor campaign benefits from striking visual backdrops. It can either lift people to a higher position or level with them. Outdoor advertising, in general, is one of the most compelling marketing platforms available. Billboards are natural communicators that benefit passersby and the environment.

You have the opportunity to engage a captive audience that could otherwise be challenging to reach, both in urban and rural markets, with OOH advertising in parks, indoor and outdoor arenas and sports venues. This increases the likelihood that the advertisements you produce will speak to them or connect with them. Additionally, you’ll have a good indication of how many people the OOH advertisements reached based on their location.

Unparalleled Impact

The reason that advertisers love OOH advertising is due to the potential impact that it can have on consumers. They take notice of these large OOH ads.

OOH campaigns can’t be ignored, compared to TV, radio, or mobile, which can often be turned off, or the consumer can move to another channel.

OOH is booming now, so its importance for the company’s future success is undeniable in today’s competitive market. Investing in an impactful OOH campaign can be a smart financial decision for businesses that are looking for practical ways to increase their visibility and drive business growth.”

This means that advertisers can launch highly visual, impactful campaigns that attract the attention of consumers and allow brands to get their message to cut through.

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You now have the power to control your brand presence in each area with Rolling Adz Mobile Billboards. Mobile billboards are flexible option when it comes to ooh media, allowing you to change out your ad when you see fit, perfect for companies with seasonal themes and messages.

View Time

Since mobile billboards travel dense inner cities and highways within your campaign’s radius, mobile billboards have a higher view time due to the stops at houses and businesses through the day reaching people at peak traffic hours.

Targeting a Specific Market

We’ll then help you strategically retarget this audience, based on your criteria for demographics, location, and online behaviour. The result is more meaningful contact with your consumer, and more traction and recognition for your brand. In other words, campaign optimization.

Influence Your Customers’ Purchase Decisions

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is a form of media consumers notice and respond to, according to new survey results. Indeed, about one-quarter (24%) of US adults surveyed for a report [pdf] from the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) claim that OOH has helped them discover a new brand. Here’s what else the survey revealed.

It’s not just the discovery of new brands that is aided by OOH. Others among the 1,000 members of the US general public surveyed report that in the past year OOH advertising such as those found on billboards, outdoor video screens, posters and signage has informed them of new businesses in their area (27%), influenced their decision to buy a new product or service (20%) and helped them find a store or business while traveling (20%).

OOH advertising has also helped to increase 15% of respondents’ favorability of a brand, while about 1 in 8 (13%) have been influenced to vote for a political candidate or issue.

For OOH advertising to be effective, consumers need to see the ads. It seems that consumers notice OOH most while driving, with 8 in 10 saying they notice OOH at least sometimes while driving on the highway (83%) or while driving around their town or city (82%). This makes it a great opportunity to help your business grow.

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OOH Provide Incredible Results at a Lower Cost

Utilizing mobile ads are a perfect way to add ooh media to your ad budget. Mobile billboards are extremely cost effective, brands are now able to run campaigns for up to an entire year for the same price as a traditional billboard in some markets.

When compared to other forms of advertising, out-of-home advertising is one of the most cost-effective solutions available in terms of the amount of exposure a campaign will receive. Numerous studies have shown that out-of-home advertising can significantly reduce advertising costs. To reach a 1000-person audience, online advertising can cost up to $18 per thousand impressions, while magazine or cable advertising can cost up to $22 per thousand impressions. OOH serves the same audience at a significantly lower cost, nearly half of what is spent behind other advertising mediums to reach thousands of impressions.

According to Nielson’s study, OOH is the most effective offline medium to drive online activity. This study shows that out-of-home generates more online activity per ad dollar spent than television, radio, and print.


OOH is highly effective in reach large numbers of potential consumers quickly for a broad, in a format that’s hard to miss, with a narrow focus.

With OOH advertising in parks, indoor and outdoor arenas and sports venues, you have a chance to reach a captive audience that can otherwise also be hard to reach, both in urban and rural markets.

And when it comes to OOH advertising at Rec Media, you already know the audience based on the venue, which means you have more chances of creating advertising that connects with or speaks to them. You’ll also have a fair idea of the numbers of people reached by the nature of the location of the OOH ads. 

Thousands of people will see your ads, without the option of dismissing or ignoring your ads, as is frequently done on mobile and desktop ads. You can’t fast-forward the ad, skip it, or even pay more to avoid it.

There’s more impact for longer periods of time, and with our decreasing attention spans, OOH advertising can only be a good thing for the memorability of an ad or brand.

This means that if you focus on strong creativity, relatability, and impact, you have a chance to truly connect with your audience in a meaningful and memorable way.

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Retarget based on Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Signal

Retarget devices that meet your mobile billboard truck for ROI measurement. Our beacon technology picks up their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals, so you can detect, track, and build mobile audiences for your brand. You can even set frequency retargeting thresholds to only re-engage with those who have seen your mobile billboard truck a set number of times.

Conclusion –

Mobile Billboards can help your business grow because is highly effective reaching large numbers of potential consumers quickly, which makes that at least 27% of the audience make a purchase to your brand. Mobile billboards have a high view, and they will go where the right audience is, based on your criteria for demographics, location, and online behaviour. 

OOH effectively builds brand awareness and continues to offer great opportunities for strong, bold, and creative advertising that drives brand awareness. This makes it a good option to attract and engage with your target audience with a lower cost than impressions and other ads.

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