How big is a billboard?


Billboards made on an overpass                                                                  Roadside billboards

Billboards have been used since the early 19th century, following the invention of lithographic printing, that allowed cheap printing of large sheets. The earliest billboards were mostly to be found on the sides of buildings and have spread to roadside use following the availability of cheaper automobiles.

Billboards have a wide range of sizes starting from the small sized billboards ending in huge billboards. Billboard sizes range from the 1200mm x 18mm posters that you see at bus shelters to large 3m x 12m 96 sheet billboards on the side of the road and costs are accordingly.

Let’s take a dive into the different dimensions of billboards.

6 Sheet Billboards


  • 1800 mm x 1200 mm
  • 1.8 m x 1.2 m
  • 5.905 ft x 3.937 ft

The may be relatively small but manage to make a huge impression in terms of impact. In fact, a 2014 study revealed that six-sheet adverts actively doubled brand recall, while boosting purchase intent by an estimated 47%. These figures prove that size certainly isn’t everything in the deceptively complex world of marketing. With compact dimensions of just 1800mm x 1200mm, you will often see six sheet billboards at railway stations, bus stops and shopping centres. This means that they are very effective at connecting brands to a young and professional audience, while their compact nature ensures that they are usually found at eye-level too.

This helps to create a deeper level of engagement between your brand and the customer, with six-sheet adverts thought to be key influencers of buying decisions. This is certainly borne out by the figures, which underline the potential of smaller billboards and relatively compact adverts.

Transit Shelter Advertising                                                           Digital billboards at the bus stops

16 Sheet Billboards


  • 3048 mm x 2032 mm
  • 3.048 m x 2.032 m
  • 10 ft x 6.6 ft

The 16 sheet billboard is normally situated in highly populated areas that have big footfalls and traffic counts. The cost and size of these billboards make them ideal for targeting consumers in busy areas and optimizing conversion rates, with busy shoppers and commuters representing the key and most accessible segments.

32 sheet Billboards


  • 3048 mm x 4064 mm
  • 3.048 m x 4.064 m
  • 10 ft x 13.3 ft

32-sheet billboards almost look like 16-sheet adverts and they have some striking similarities. These adverts tend to be wider, however, covering a total of 4064mm and providing a larger canvas from which to share your brand’s key messaging.

48 sheet Billboards


  • 3048 mm x 6096 mm
  • 3.048 m x 6.096 m
  • 10 ft x 20 ft

The classic 48-sheet billboard is 20ft x 10ft. This format makes a big statement and gets your message across a sizeable distance. It is usually to be found at roadsides. Regular rail users will spend a plenty of time staring and focusing at these across the tracks as they await for the next train. The advertising message will be seen from a distance by motorists and pedestrians.

96 Sheet Billboards


  • 3000 mm x 12000 mm
  • 3 m x 12 m
  • 9.842 ft x 39.37 ft

Measuring a mighty 3000mm x 12000mm, this is the largest advertising platform of its type available to clients and essentially combines two, 48-sheets side by side in a single, compelling package. A 96-sheet billboard is large, eye-catching and exceptionally difficult to ignore, while it is also arguably one of the most effective marketing channels for leaving an ever lasting impact in the minds of customers. You will find 96-sheet billboards targeting frequent commuters too, with adverts of this type commonly found in streets of Toronto, New York and busy train tracks between major cities.

Which Billboard Size is the Best?

outdoor advertising, billboards, billboard advertising                                                                        96 sheet billboards 

 With so many sizes to choose from it can be difficult and daunting to decide which is the best for your marketing campaign, however, our expert team can offer specialist advice and information based on what you are looking to achieve.

In most instances what you are looking to promote will help to determine which are the most effective billboard sizes for your campaign, whilst naturally, your marketing budget will also inform it as well.

Typically larger the billboard size is, more expensive they are. However, they are most appealing and always depends on the audience. 

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