Movia Media and AngelPad – Great things are coming!


Have you ever had that feeling that something you’re part of (your family, your company, your idea) is taking the next step? That’s what we feel here at Movia Media. The big news is: Movia Media is one of the 12 companies selected by  AngelPad to go to New York and be part of their accelerator program.

AngelPad was elected the best accelerator of 2015, 2016 and 2017, been ranked #1 place of Top Accelerators in the U.S. by MIT/Brown University. Every six months they choose 12 companies from a pool of 2000 applicants to work with them in many aspects such as preparing for fundraising and investor meetings.


Alongside the mentoring, we have the opportunity to network with other incredible startups that were part of the program. We’re heading to become an even more meaningful, profitable, and of course, proud of being a Canadian company.

Movia Media is excited for being part of this, and we expect great things to happen in the next months: growing our company’s structure, expanding our team and reaching different markets beyond Canada.

We can’t wait to tell you everything, so follow us in our social media and stay tuned!

Great things are coming


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