Does Truck-Side Advertising Work?

Mobile billboard advertising works in mysterious ways… ways that other advertising channels may not offer. The ability to tap into GPS signals and WiFi receptors are a large component of effective mobile billboard advertising. This advertising channel has the tools to target and reach a copious amount of consumers. They offer a range of benefits that make it easy for both the client and the consumer to understand. Retention rates in mobile billboards are high, as well. Since many traditional ways of advertising are losing their core consumers, mobile billboards are picking up those fallen impressions. Let’s unpack the ways in which this method works for advertisers and business owners, and why it’s still a common practice. We’re going to look at the benefits of truck side advertising and how you can track the progress of them.

Mobile billboard advertising can work to introduce an opening of a store 


Truck-Side Advertising

A truck side advertisement is a form of out-of-home advertising (OOH) that is meant to showcase products and businesses on the sides of trucks, trailers, rented cars, or cabs on the move. Hence the term ‘mobile’, these billboards have the effect of driving forward in constant motion, making impressions with people along the route, and enticing potential consumers about a service potentially unbeknownst to them.  

Mobile advertising drives through multiple locations, while displaying your company’s message and broadcasting it to a larger number of audiences. Retargeting strategies work to help target selections of unique people after they have already seen the moving billboard advertisement. 

For a digital mobile advertisement, you can show variation in your messages to the audience by changing the display after a few seconds.

Does Mobile Billboard Advertising Work?

When I am traveling someplace or going to work, I often look around when stuck in traffic and, to my surprise, I notice advertisements everywhere. With some advertising trucks moving next to me, or parked on the side of a road, or advertising trucks advancing in incoming traffic, I can’t help but pick up their messaging. I’m bombarded by advertising on billboards throughout the course of my day, but mobile billboards make the trip that much more exciting and inventive. They meet my eyes without losing my interest, which is an important action in a consumer.

Mobile billboard advertising definitely holds my attention, as it works to inform me of new products or introduce me to upcoming events in the city. This is instantly effective because it opens my eyes to fresh content. 


A guerilla mobile billboard communicates with consumers in an interactive fashion


Benefits of Mobile Billboard Advertising

Here are some practical benefits which you can examine next time you see a mobile billboard.

  • Showcase Your Message Where You Want It– The most effective tool as you can display your message in front of thousands of people (commuters or shoppers) at the desired location or route. This helps in displaying your advertisement to potential customers. Unlike static advertisements, mobile billboards are always on a go with the mission to cover multiple locations, thus giving more exposure to different places and to different people.
  • Cost Friendly– In comparison to other types of advertisements, mobile billboards are pocket-friendly. As stationary advertisements (TV, radio, newspapers, and so on) include multiple factors which increase their cost, you are not paying a hefty amount for a unique spot with mobile billboards. 
  • Easy to Tailor– Mobile billboards are easy to change, which means that your message always stays fresh as you can add more information and new images that generate curiosity among your targeted audience.
  • Zero Competition– As your message is always moving, there is no direct competition. This gives you an advantage that your message is being viewed without any distractions caused by a competitor’s ad.
  • Brand Recognition– As mobile billboard advertisements are right in front of people, they are constantly seeing that message. This builds awareness among potential customers that can turn into a possible lead. Mobile billboards are hard to ignore. So, making a unique advertisement can help in extending your message to people in a positive way. 


She may try to divert his attention, but he is impressed by the mobile billboard


Let’s Talk Numbers

Numbers play a great role in understanding the reality before choosing mobile billboards as your medium to advertise.

  • More than 95% of Americans are reached by media which aid in targeting vehicle drivers and passengers
  • One vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000-90,000 impressions daily
  • Mobile advertising boosts brand name and recognition by 15 times more than any other form of advertising
  • 30% of mobile outdoor viewers would base a buying decision on the ad they see

How to Track your Mobile Billboard Advertisement

Most people have this question in mind as to how they can track their mobile advertisements.

Another substantial component associated with mobile billboard advertising is that you’ll be able to track the advertised vehicle with a GPS.

If you have your ad featured on a cab, a bus, or other vehicle with a variable route, you won’t know where your ad is being seen and whether it is being displayed at the right place or not.

But, with a GPS, you will be able to track the route of the vehicle. This will benefit you as you can check which audience is viewing your ad and when.

This can help you to remove those billboard vehicles which are not performing well, and you can even redirect other mobile billboard vehicles to be around high traffic areas at a specific time to maximize your ad visibility.


GPS tracking allows you to see where exactly the mobile billboard is travelling to


Mobile Billboard Advertisements are Eye-Catching

Moving ads are noticed much quicker than stationary advertisements. Our brain responds faster and tries to notice objects that are moving.

According to a study by APN, using a brain scanning technology, an ad that moves performs 45% higher exposure than static advertisements. The moving advertisement is stored in our brain memory and stays there for a longer period of time. Whenever we see the ad again, it triggers us and can possibly assist customers into a buying decision. This brain power is valuable in learning about OOH effectiveness. 

Mobile billboards are easy to manage and valuable in the long run. It makes advertising noticed in front of your targeted audience by being at the right place. As discussed above, a mobile billboard advertisement has greater advantages and their results are much higher than other types of billboards advertisements.

By choosing the right form of billboard advertisement, you can grasp your market space and have a brand recall among your customers.

Plan your route to measure your success. 


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