Dallas Billboard Advertising- Most Impactful Billboards in Texas

Market Overview of Dallas

Dallas is a city in the U.S. state of Texas. It is considered to be the ninth most populous city in the U.S. and third most populous in Texas. Dallas is the largest metropolitan area with a population of 1.341 million. Approx. 507,397 people arrive in the Dallas County each morning. Interestingly, many people believe that Dallas, TX got its name from George Mifflin Dallas, the eleventh Vice President of the United States. Being both a commercial and cultural hub, Dallas includes the Dallas Museum of Art and the Crow Collection of Asian Art in its Art District. Downtown Dallas’ Sixth Floor Museum features the site of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. The minimal Nasher Sculpture Centre includes contemporary sculpture and works that speak to their arts scene. Home of the Cowboys and the Mavericks, Dallas has a world famous sports culture that contrasts its arts movement. Dallas is one of the largest hubs of telecommunications companies in the States. There are about 44 million tourists each year with direct spending totalling about $7.4 billion. Tourism brings about 87,000 jobs to the Dallas area. 

The Dallas Cowboys drive traffic and excitement to the heart of the city

Traffic is Business

Dallas is known for its heavy traffic. Traffic usually starts from 6:30 am to 9:00 am and 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm. These are the prime rush hour points where commuters are on the go. The quietest time to drive through Dallas would be the early hours of the morning. The average Dallas Fort-Worth driver is delayed by about 60 hours per year. When people are stuck on roads with slow crawling traffic, they usually move their heads around. This is the perfect window of opportunity to showcase your brand or service through Billboard advertisements. Astonishingly, this creates a huge awareness because drivers are likely to remember what they saw. This helps generate hype and impressions for brands or services.

Right Place at the Right Time 

Dallas has many sweet spots where you can display your advertisement for better visibility. It is crucial to be at the right place as billboards will do their job if they’re displayed at the right location. And their job is to make people pay attention! Founder’s Plaza in the downtown area or billboards in Uptown, Victory Park and Turtle Creek are the most valued locations for advertisements, as there are thousands of daily shoppers. Another high traffic area is one of many sports arenas in Dallas. The American Airlines Center is a smart place for billboard advertisements. Billboards on interstate 20, 30, 35E or 45 offer an excellent opportunity to get more impressions. Keeping these locations at top of mind can greatly help in knowing the placement of an effective billboard advertisement.


Billboards in Dallas create the best effect when they are eye-catching and clear


People of Dallas walk just as much as they drive, so opportunities for street level advertising is high

The waterfalls of Dallas are perfect locations to advertise as those billboards are watched by plenty of commuters multiple times in a day. Due to the appeal and beauty of waterfalls, people visiting the site can see the billboards, just as well as the falls, and impressions will be gained. It’s noted that people quickly become leads if they see something innovative and interesting. Downtown Dallas is fairly crowded, so the chance to alert pedestrians of your billboard will not go missed. 

Dallas is considered to be a fast-growing business community and it has shown remarkable results with all three forms of advertisements (Billboards, Prime Billboards, and Digital Billboards). Each of these mediums have their own significance in attracting new and existing customers.

The Cost of an Average Billboard

Billboards in Dallas run for about $2910 USD per billboard which would allow advertisers to reach approx. 1.216 million people. Weekly impressions are estimated at around 2.262 million and monthly impressions are even greater at 9.050 million. From this information, the CPM will be roughly around $3.51. Times OOH Media offers 49 billboard panels with more arriving online each month. Other prominent companies that do billboarding in Dallas are Lamar, Fliphound, and Impact Outdoor. 

Transportation in Dallas

Moving billboards are a great way to educate customers about your product or service. Daily commuters see ads moving in front of them which makes it easier for them to connect with the message. On public transportation, commuters may find themselves with nothing left to do but become glued to an interesting OOH. 


Exterior bus billboards are an excellent way to attract customers to your company

This is quite an impressive way to grasp people’s attention. By doing a full wrap on bus, this covers a larger audience from all the angles of view. Also, it gives a bigger message and more room for multiple photos. The more the customer sees, the longer they will pay attention to the advertisement.  

Advertising on the back of a bus helps draw the attention of pedestrians and drivers stuck behind it

Rear advertisements on buses also provide a great way to present your ads to the traffic behind. Usually, the rear advertisement is quite in-your-face with a larger image and bold copy. 

Digital moving billboards are an innovative way of getting people to look at your ad

Another way to attract more customers is by way of digital moving billboard advertisements. This is highly lucrative, and includes multiple photos which keep rotating for the chance to spread many messages on one vehicle. If someone is turned off by one ad, there is a greater probability that they will be attracted to another ad on the moving billboard. This medium doesn’t limit the amount of ads you see. And, because downtown Dallas is always pretty busy, these ads will attract a wide range of people. 

DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit)


DART advertising covers all the bases

DART is the primary public transportation service in Dallas, which specializes in driving commuters by way of bus, light rail, and commuter rail. Advertising on DART reaches diverse audiences throughout the city’s metropolitan and retail centers, including 12 neighbourhood suburbs of Dallas. Dallas is the 5th ranked DMA and the #1 fastest growing metro area in the past decade, so it’s no shock that DART is a busy service that commuters take advantage of. The average weekday boardings on the DART light rail exceed 93.2k, which is the 7th largest in the nation. DART advertising can be found on the interior and exterior of buses, the interior and exterior of rails, rail station media, station domination, and station saturation. 

From the rich art and sport focus, to the rush of waterfalls, and the opportunity to advertise on DART, Dallas is an ideal location for billboard advertising. 

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