Comparing Movia Media Mobile Billboards and Wrapify Car Wraps

These two companies are experts in the mobile advertising world. They have both seen the advantages to companies marketing their brand through mobile uses. Regardless of the vehicle, there are many advantages to using mobile billboards as advertising techniques. Movia Media and Wrapify, while both in similar industries, do what they do in a variety of different ways. In this article, I will be going through each of these companies and discussing how they do what they do and why it is essential to understand their methods if you are in the world of branding and advertising.

Image of a HualerAds Advertising Campaign

HauleArds Mobile Billboards

Movia Media entire business model is based off of the use mobile billboards, more specifically mobile billboards on the the sides of trucks. They have built their company on the clear understanding that mobile billboards are not only the most efficient and cost-effective way to spread your brand but is also the way of the future. They have conducted studies to prove that your advertisement will reach up to 2 million impressions a month with just a single mobile billboard. They can track the impressions through a proprietary tracking system that allows for real-time analytics.

The way their technology works is that as long as your wifi is turned on on your phone, they can track you as an impression when their truck passes you by on the street. This technology also makes sure only get people on the sidewalks, to ensure it is someone who has the potential to interact with the ad. For example, if one of their trucks is driving down a city street, it will not be able to count people in the adjacent buildings as impressions, just those who are actually beside the truck on the streets. Moreover, from the ones who have interacted with the ad, 76% showed intent to purchase, while 75% believed that the ads were a unique way to market to commuters. After that, they implement a system called mobile retargeting. The retargeting process allows them to send the ad that they had interacted with earlier to show up as an ad on their potential customers’ phone. Through the use of these methods, it will be sure to help with brand recognition and creating a long-lasting relationship with a brand.  They also have “live fleet analytics” to be able to track each truck individually anywhere in North America, on a daily basis. Having live feed analytics is an excellent advantage as they can keep track of all of their vehicles to ensure that everything is moving smoothly. We’re there to be an issue they will be able to help you out remotely regardless of where the truck is. Given all the information presented, Movia Media truck side advertising services will be sure to transport you right into the 21st-century world of advertising.

An Image of a Ryerson ad on a Haulerads Truck side Bilboard

More Sustainable

Movia Media has also taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint through a number of initiatives. As you may not know, digital billboards are not very friendly to the environment. One Digital Billboards creates as much e-waste as an astonishing 20 households over its’ 11-year lifespan. Moreover, a single digital billboard uses 30 times the amount of energy as a single house. This statistic proves that digital billboards are harming the planet, and those who utilize them don’t understand or don’t care, about the carbon footprint they’re leaving behind. We live in an age now where we have a great understanding of the things that are worsening the state of the environment. Also, it is not only companies like Movia Media that have noticed the effects digital billboards is having on our planet.

Many states in the US have recognized the need to help the planet and the environment by banning out of home (OOH) digital billboards. These states include Maine, Vermont, Hawaii and Alaska. In Movia Media attempt to offset the damage done they not only produce their ads on trucks that would already be on the road, regardless if one of their ads is wrapped on the side of it, they have also played their part in helping to better the environment. As stated on their website, for every one of their trucks that spends four weeks on the road, Movia Media will plant 100 trees. Currently, they have planted over 10,000 trees, and in doing so have offset 2,000 tons of C02. This green initiative illustrates the necessary steps companies in the 21st century must take to ensure they are doing their part.

Through their GPS tracking system, impression data, and live fleet analytics, you will have all the information you could need to know what must be done to achieve a successful marketing plan. Moreover, you can do it all, knowing that you are not harming the planet in the process in the same way that digital and static billboards are. Should you wish to begin an ad campaign through the use of truck side advertising Movia Media would be a clever choice.

Image of Haulerads truck in downtown Toronto

Wrapify Car Wraps

Wrapify is an American based company that puts advertising and branding into the hands of everyday people, and it is available across the United States. They have developed a business plan which sees regular daily drivers be the ones who advertise different campaigns and brands. They way it works is that any individual hoping to make more money while driving around can contact Wrapify to see what plan suits them best. The three possible choices to choose from a range between lite, partial and full. These three choices will not only determine how much of your car will be wrapped with an ad but also how much money you will make doing it. The lite option will have you making around 196-280 dollars every month. A partial wrap will see you making an amount in the same range while the full wrap option will see you making anywhere from 264-452 dollars a month. All three options would be great for anyone considering making extra money on the side without having to do much extra work. As you can see, doing this could add up to an additional 452 dollars a month, which is a decent amount of money to make, regardless of how you are doing it, let alone doing it by just having the outside of your car wrapped with an ad. The monetary advantage that comes along with Wrapify illustrates how the large the incentive can be for some interested in making some extra cash on the side.

In terms of wrapping the car, you pick a specific time of your choosing where you can have your vehicle available to be wrapped, and then Wrapify will take care of the rest -making the process extremely easy for drivers. Moreover, they track how many miles they have driven with their car wrapped through a Wrapify app that gives you access to much information, including how many miles travelled. Also, the drivers are given all the authority when it comes to driving their cars. They pick how many hours they want to drive and where exactly they wish to drive them. Wrapify places no obligation on them to travel to any specific locations or to stay a certain amount of time there. Meaning, you are not going to be a driver, or salesperson more Wrapify in any way. You continue about your day do as you would, regardless of the wrapped ad on the outside of your vehicle.


Image of fully wrapped Wrapify car

Wrapify OOH Benefits

Now, while using the typical out of home (OOH) techniques of advertising, it is estimated that it will cost between five and eight dollars in terms of cost per impression (CPM). However, while using Wrapify, that goes all the way down to two or three dollars. How CPM works is it is how much money it costs businesses for every one thousand impressions it makes with potential customers. As we can see, Wrapify can bring your cost down to up to four times the amount when using static or digital billboards. On top of that, Wrapify implements their campaigns where they will have multiple wrapped cars drive together, which they coined as a “swarm”, which helps in increasing impressions and positive interactions.

With Wrapify, you will be able to receive a copious amount of data regarding your ad that gets wrapped on cars. They have a patented technology that allows you to track impressions in a way in which that is not possible through other ad companies or standard billboards. They also claim that you will get better attribution. Getting better attribution means it will help with the exposure of your ad online as well as in-app engagement and conversation. On top of that, they also do physical retargeting. Through this, you will be able to retarget audiences who have already been exposed to Wrapify vehicles. Moreover, you are also able to track foot traffic in regards to your wrapify cars. Being able to collect data on foot traffic will be sure to help you with seeing who is positively interacting with your ad or campaign.

Image of Wrapify ad

The Benefits

Wrapify has executed many successful campaigns. They are leaving brands and drivers happy and satisfied with Wrapify’s services. They have partnered up with a lot of world recognized brands where they have seen much success. Some of these companies include Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and eBay. Wrapify, working with these titans of industry, should fill you with the requisite confidence that illustrates what Wrapify is doing works, and works well. So the next time you want an ad to be wrapped on a car in the United States be sure to consider them as one of your options. Concurrently, if you are someone who is looking to make some extra money on the side but do not have much time, look into wrapping your car and watch the cash come in.

Image of a Wrapify car wrapped with a Coca-Cola ad

Which OOH Method is Best For You?

Now that you have read the benefits of truck side advertising and car wrapped advertising, you should be able to make an educated decision on which one is best for you. You have seen how Movia Media is a sure fire way to reach an incredibly broad audience where you will be left with the considerable likelihood of having many potential interactions, and more than that, a way to track the impressions that you make. All of this will be sure to help you have the vital information you need in seeing how your campaign is doing and what you need to do to have as a successful campaign as possible. On the other hand, Wrapify is also a great option to go with if you want to wrap a smaller vehicle than a truck. You will still be sure to reach more people than with the standard form of OOH advertising through static or digital billboards. On top of that, you will have a great way of tracking all the progress you are making with the ad or campaign. All in all, whichever option you choose to go with, you will be sure to have a successful campaign through the use of mobile advertising, leaving all parties satisfied in the end.

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