Comparing Digital Mobile Billboards and Static Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards can take a few forms. As great channels to deliver advertising messages, mobile billboards serve quality announcements to targeted neighborhoods of the right consumers. According to a survey conducted by The Mobile Billboard Company, 96% of respondents stated that mobile advertising is more effective than static billboard advertising. This was proved by 97% of people saying mobile billboards have a higher recall rate. A recall rate is important in advertising, as it measures the effectiveness of the campaign. If consumers are able to play it back in their heads and repeat it to others, then the advertisement was a standout success. 

Now, the use of mobile billboards in an advertising plan has its advantages over standard billboards. For one, it’s mobile and able to reach many demographics over a period of time because the messages are moving from place to place. Mobile billboards also stand alone, as there aren’t many mobile billboard competitors seen on the same road as one running its course. We know how mobile billboards work to bring joy to businesses, advertisers, and satisfied consumers, but what are the differences and similarities between the two types of images? This post will look at how digital mobile billboards work as well as see how static mobile billboards perform. Unpacking the two will make it clearer to decide on which to choose for your advertising campaign. 


Digital mobile billboards play like mini-commercials in an outdoor space


Digital Mobile Billboards 

Digital mobile billboards are screen monitors that display ads or mini commercials similar to the ones you’d see on television or on your mobile phones. They can be mounted onto the sides of regular trucks or even scaled to fit onto trailer billboards. Their content is made up of several rotating ads that change at different time intervals, to show a variety of messages. Because the ad is shown among other ads on one screen, with an allocated timeframe, digital mobile scrolling billboards are cost-saving alternatives to other advertising channels, like television or print, because the costs are split up between the other ad companies.

Mobile LED lights create instant brand awareness, recognition, and are an attractive addition to other marketing campaigns that your advertisement may also show face in. Because of the constant light, the screens can be utilized during the daytime or nighttime and are seen from a distance away. 


Seen from a distance, digital mobile billboards attract everyone


Usually, digital mobile billboards will come with an external sound system that provides stereo sound to go along with the full color video images. This broadcasts an advertisement in a more outstanding fashion. 

These billboards are great for promoting new movies, video games, computer software, and anything really entertaining because they’re entertaining forces themselves. Innovative, forward-thinking, tech brands can get a lot out of digital mobile billboards because they meet that vision. 

Digital mobile billboards typically run from 4-24 hours a day. This channel welcomes unlimited creative changes. Geo-targeted delivery exists within digital mobile billboards, as the messages can spread to areas that are researched to be more effective at generating consumer attention and action. 

Kre8 Outdoor Advertising offers a 1 week rate for 1 ad spot that costs around $1900. They suggest that with a 1 week campaign, about 455,917 impressions will be garnered per spot. The average CPM is about $2.35. 


Static mobile billboards are good for large-scale brand awareness


Static Mobile Billboards 

These mobile billboards show a consistently good face. Though they don’t provide video imaging and motion graphics, static mobile billboards can be just as effective. They’re high-impact, cost-effective channels that commonly use vinyl vehicle wrapping to deliver advertising messages. The vinyl is protective of the vehicle, while maintaining a professional finish. Static offers a clean, singular advertising message that sends consumers signals of a qualified business among them. 

Static mobile billboards are useful for new product rollout, brand awareness of smaller companies, and informational material (such as booking a trip for a desirable destination or showtimes for an upcoming event). Compared to digital mobile billboards, static is a lot cheaper to rent. As Kre8 Outdoor Advertising stresses, a daily rate on a 3-month time period for 6 hours of visibility a day will cost around $490. 

However less expensive static mobile billboards are, they can’t offer vibrant video signage. But, at the same time, companies not looking to be so bright, or not interested in including a video portion to their campaign, find gratification in a static mobile billboard that delivers similar results and shares the same outdoor space. 


Brand awareness is high with the static option

Static delivers very similar impressions as digital mobile billboards, however it won’t appear as clearly during the night hours because they don’t exude light. These billboards can also be geo-targeted to meet the right consumers in the right areas for business. 
After comparing qualities of digital mobile billboards and static mobile billboards, it’s clear to see how both standout in an OOH environment to individually provide noticeable advertising to potential consumers. 


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