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What is Digital Mobile Billboards? Digital Mobile Billboards are mediums used for advertising on the sides of moving trucks, vans or vehicles of any type. They are assigned, customized LED units whose large sides are optimally utilised for displaying advertisements.  Sometimes these units have sound systems, illumination and LED panels installed in them. This medium […]

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Alcohol and OOH Advertising

Our daily lives are influenced by alcohol. The best way to unwind after a long day is with a glass of rose wine. Additionally, have you ever wondered why these drinks are so popular during the summer especially? There is nothing like a cold beer or vodka soda in the summer. You see, there is […]

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OOH Is Effective for Universities and Colleges

The process of enrolling in university is challenging for students. Choosing where to go for post-secondary education is a big decision that often takes time. As high school graduates enter colleges in greater numbers than ever before, competition between schools is increasing to attract students. The new semester will start soon, which means that you […]

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3D OOH Billboards

We live in a world that advances technologically every day, and their innovations always amaze us. As we can see, traditional billboards are evolving into digital billboards, digital billboards into 3D billboards, and now, 3D billboards are becoming ultra-realistic 3D billboards. OOH, billboards make people think about brands differently, as they are interacting with them […]

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A Conversation With Movia’s Founder & CEO: Casey Binkley

Casey Binkley founded Movia in 2017 with the intention of realizing the potential for truck-side advertising real estate. Today, Movia is the only mobile billboard/truck wrap supplier that incorporates GPS tracking and Impression Analytics into its offering – capturing where the trucks are at any given moment, who is seeing them, and how many impressions […]

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Toronto Out-of-Home Advertising is Making an Impact

Populated by 6.25 million people and over half of its residents born outside of the country, Toronto is considered one of the most multicultural cities in the world. And for this very reason, Toronto is an extremely unique region to advertise in via the out-of-home (OOH) medium. With access to markets of all varieties, the […]

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Consistent increase in Digital Outdoor Advertisements

OOH advertising (also known as out-of-home advertising) as we know has evolved an enormous amount since its inception. Technology industries, food industries, gaming industries, you name it, have turned to OOH advertising to spread brand awareness through giant OOH billboards, and we have seen these companies benefit. Reddit co-founder Alexis O’Hanian announced in mid-2018 that […]

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The Dark Horse of OOH Advertising: Australia

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the out-of-home (OOH) industry was felt across the globe—Australia being one region of no exception. Almost 17 months have passed since March 2020 and as the dust begins to settle and we can start to understand how things will take shape from a long-term perspective, the outlook for […]

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Street Furniture Advertising- Creative way for Brand Awareness

OOH Advertising is constantly evolving. As the years have gone by, it has transitioned. Today, the global market for OOH accounts for about $29 billion, which is a significant amount. The outdoor advertising market is one of the oldest and most enduring markets for advertising. What is the reason for this? New capabilities and creativity […]

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burger king billboard

How the Fast Food Industry is Shaping OOH

By and large, the out-of-home (OOH) industry is an effective advertising medium for virtually any brand, company, or product if the ad is targeted properly, of course. So, no matter the industry you operate out of, each OOH medium- whether that is a billboard, digital programmatic advertisement, or a truck side advertisement, can all have […]

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