Best Truckside Advertising Companies in Texas

In business and in culture, Texas wears many hats. With a population of more than 28 million, being the second most populous State, Texas has an abundance of marketing and advertising agencies specializing in the latest business savvy designs. Austin, Texas is home to major brands like Dell and Whole Foods, while housing reputable national agencies like Omnicom’s GSD&M. Austin’s tech and advertising markets are booming, and the city hosts well-known events such as SXSW and SXSW Interactive, which is an annual film, music, and interactive festival that brings in major players in marketing. New products and innovations in tech are unveiled here. According to BIA/Kelsey Forecast, Texas was looking to top their local ad spending in 2017 to reach $13 billion over 19 markets- the largest markets of ad opportunity being healthcare, retail, and the restaurant business.

According to those few truths about Texas, it’s reasonable to say their advertising strategies are only going to get bigger and more creative as time passes on. Because the State’s spending more each year on new ad displays, they’re clearly reaping benefits from the allocated costs going into it. Apart from a bit of their rich history in developing notable companies and events, Texas has birthed important truckside advertising companies that align with their impressive marketing resume. Let’s dive into the minds of TSN, Gorilla ADZ, and Rolart, a few truckside advertising companies making waves in Texas.


TSN advertising offers InfinityWraps that cover every inch of the truck's surface


TSN Truckside Advertising

TSN (Truck Signage Network) specializes in truckside advertising that take the likes of Texas, New York, and California by storm. They provide a signature InfinityWrap that covers the entire surface area of a truck with an advertiser’s outdoor dreams. TSN also works heavily to drive on direct routes leading to areas or events where the most impressions will be garnered. Their custom routing promises that the truckside advertising will be seen at the biggest spectacles or concerts, such as at a Dallas Cowboys game. Across North America, TSN has 1925+ wrapped trucks, 138 launched campaigns, and 40 active markets. Their clients include Bud Light, Blue Moon, Casper, Samsung, Tim Hortons, 4 Los Angeles, and more. Their impressive clientele and their delivery throughout North America make TSN one of the best truckside ad companies in Texas and beyond.


Gorilla ADZ shines with mobile LED billboards that are geo-targeted


Gorilla ADZ Truckside Advertising

The face of mobile LED billboard advertising, Gorilla ADZ provides quality truckside advertising in Texas by illuminating the State with a variety of colorful campaigns. They feature 6mm high definition, high resolution digital billboard screens that mimic the quality of HDTV. Gorilla ADZ has a strong focus on delivering hyperlocal advertisements that reach consumers on targeted streets and freeways. They provide clients with GPS reporting and a live video feed of how and where the trucks are running each day. Their geo-targeting capabilities pinpoint specific audiences based on age, language, nationality, gender, income, and interest. On their website, they also state how low the CPM is when using mobile LED billboard advertising- $2.26 is the cost per one thousand impressions compared to broadcast television’s $10.25 price tag. They do street level advertising for markets such as retail, home services, real estate, restaurants and bars, health and fitness, and automotive. Gorilla ADZ features high quality digital screens and strong mapping/targeting abilities that make them one of the best truckside ad companies in Texas.


Food truck wraps can be seen in the most common spots in Texas


Rolart Truckside Advertising

Rolart is a family owned and operated company in Irving, Texas that specializes in commercial truck wraps, vehicle wraps, RV wraps, and vinyl in Dallas, Texas. They are a full service wrap company, where their services even extend to boat wraps, race car wraps, helmet decals, boat decals, and camo truck wraps. Rolart is likely to wrap food trucks in eye-catching designs. Rolart is upfront about helping small local businesses, specializing in custom designs to match the personalities of whichever company they’re representing. Their exotic series features paint protection, which is a feature that some truckside advertising companies may not include. Some of their current clients include Jack Daniels and Tequila Cazadores. Due to their multifaceted wrap situation and flexibility to customize, Rolart is one of the top truckside advertising companies in Texas that cover more than just trucks.


Rolart makes small businesses come to life with customized wraps and decals


Vehicles in Texas are covered with significant wraps that speak to small and large businesses in the State, and seek well targeted audiences. TSN, Gorilla ADZ, and Rolart are all businesses that keep truckside advertising alive in the heartbeats of Texan residents and tourists.

Movia Media suits the truckside advertising market of Texas because we offer high quality, well targeted campaigns that meet the culture and progression of this tech smart State. Well-known events in Texas, such as SXSW, may include a potential Movia Media truck nearby, with the intention of rolling out a new product or service. Our mobile billboards will make first impressions in Texas last. Here is an example of areas in Texas that will get the most coverage with one of our advertising machines. 


Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 2.36.51 PM

As you can see, routes like Highway 35, paths in Southeast Austin, Rollingwood, Sunset Valley, and Crestview are just a few spots where our mobile billboards will make the largest impact. Stepping out of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and noticing a Movia Media truck for a business in Texas is perfect advertising for tourists and partners of this state’s rich economy. 

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