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Bonding with people and creating lasting friendships is innately human. Everyone knows the feeling of finding someone we love being around. A best friend and a partner in crime. Great partnerships make themselves known and serve the interests of both parties. Think of Sonny and Cher, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, or even Ben and Jerry. But none of these iconic duos could have gotten very far without one other. And mobile billboard companies, like Movia, function in exactly the same way.

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What do mobile billboards do?

Mobile billboard companies need truck companies as partners in order to deliver branded advertising messages. Leveraging delivery trucks that are already on the road for other purposes, Movia uses strategic route selection to target consumers based on demographics, geographics, and even the time of day. They also use onboard beacon analytics and retargeting devices to measure return on investment (ROI). Furthermore, truckside advertising is also one of the best large format OOH media in terms of cost per one thousand impressions (CPM).

Map with an optimized route planned out.

So what does that mean?

Strategic route selection offers businesses the opportunity to utilize routes that will best reach their desired market. They can choose anything from quiet suburban neighbourhoods to major metropolitan roads and dense urban centres. Beacon analytics and retargeting devices help brands identify who saw their ad and provide other information that will assist in future advertising endeavours.

There’s a lot that goes into truckside advertising and it’s all very interesting. But as a mobile billboard partner, all you have to do is drive.

How it works

If you already own a delivery truck and you’re on the road anyway, why not make a little extra money? You can use your existing truck to get paid on a monthly basis without changing your route. After contacting a mobile billboard supplier, all it takes is these five simple steps.

1. Track your route

A small GPS device will be installed on your truck to track the route you normally drive. During this time, data is gathered regarding the neighbourhoods you drive through and the potential people who may see the mobile billboard.

2. Matches made in heaven

The data from the GPS will be reviewed and analyzed to see if your route can potentially help a brand achieve their advertising goals. Once a match has been made, you’ll receive images of the ad. Your approval is necessary in order to move further in the process. So, ultimately you get the final say on what goes on your truck.

3. Truck wraps

If you like the ad, we’ll set up a time to wrap your truck and before you know it, your truck will be transformed into a mobile billboard and carry a branded message. The ad will remain on your truck for a typical time period of two to four months. Longer periods are sometimes required, but this would be discussed beforehand. Again, compensation is monthly, so the longer it’s on your truck, the longer you get paid for.

Four truck wraps done by Movia. One for Mars that makes the truck look like a giant chocolate bar, one for Kit Kat that appears to have a man resting in a hammock, one for Ritter Sport showcasing all the options, and one for Pringles Hot and Piocy that looks like the truck has been burned.

4. Change nothing

After your truck’s been wrapped there’s nothing else required of you. Your previous route won’t change, and you’ll be earning money for doing the same thing you’ve always done – driving.

5. Return and repeat

Once the campaign is over, we’ll schedule a time to remove the ad from your truck. The best part about it? The ad comes off and your truck goes back to looking exactly how it did before. No one will even know it’s the same truck. And if you want you can start the whole process over again and continue making money just for driving.

A truck wrap for Core Abrasives driving on busy downtown Toronto street.


There really are no negatives to being a driving partner for mobile billboards. There’s no damage to your truck, you do nothing different than you’ve always been doing, and best of all? You get paid to do it. So, what are you waiting for? Partner with a mobile billboard company today and start earning for driving.

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