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Billboard for United Way that says "we're si feet behind you"

7 Best COVID-19 Billboards

Amidst the global pandemic, the advertising industry has once again shown that nothing can bring it to a halt. Worldwide, COVID-19 has led numerous businesses to pause normal operations, with some even being forced to shut down temporarily or permanently. It’s true that some of these closures and shutdowns will have long-term effects on the […]

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How Much Does Billboard Advertising Cost in Montréal?

So, how much does billboard advertising cost in Montréal specifically? That’s a complicated question with a not so simple answer. When it comes to billboard advertising, the cost range is quite large due to many factors that can drastically alter the final price. However, if we break it down, there are three primary things to consider.

1) Design and Production
2) Creative Execution
3) Flight and Location

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The Best Canadian Billboards of 2019

The world is filled with advertisements and the advertising world is filled with so many pieces of work that a lot of it isn’t even seen by the public. However, that doesn’t mean everything we see on a daily basis is really worthy of our attention. We’ve got ads on tv, on social media, in […]

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