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What are the charms of outdoor moving billboard?


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When the truck with ads are running, you can’t help looking back even if you’re not interested. There is a charm in mobile billboards that attract people only by being there.

According to Outdoor Advertising Magazine, moving billboards accounts for a 97% recall rate in today’s market. Let’s try to understand the reasons that make truck advertising so much attractive to use in your marketing plan!

1. It’s Moving!

– Taking advantage of vehicles, you can advertise by moving to the area where you want to promote.

– You’ll be saving your investments since traditional advertising is expensive when you’re trying to reach so many people.

– You can choose the time for your advertising, so you can talk to your target when they’re out on the streets!

– Truck advertising is also a good solution when it comes to promoting a local business because you can lead your target to your store!

2. The visual effect is appealing!

– They attract people’s views with its vast advertising, reaching pedestrians, vehicles and even buildings nearby.

– And you can play with creative opportunities using the truck format, even for 3D ideas. Put your brain to work, and success will come!

3. It’s measurable!

– Movia Media Data-driven technology gives you the numbers of impressions for every add you use on moving billboards. Imagine those millions of impressions on your marketing report!

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As you can see, there are plenty of reasons and possibilities to promote your business with a moving billboard. If you want to know more or start using truck advertising, give us a call!

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