Advantages of Using Out-Of-Home Advertising

In the advertising industry there are many ways of reaching the main message to the target audience. One of the main media used most often are billboards, otherwise known as Out of Home (OOH). Out of Home is an outdoor form of advertising such as static or digital billboards, posters, street furniture, essentially any form of advertising a consumer would see while outside. 

As the industry grows and technologies advance, people may believe that online advertising is more effective than a traditional billboard, however what is happening is the opposite. As technologies advance, the advertising industry is finding creative and more effective ways of incorporating these new changes into the industry and target audiences are more likely to be receptive as a result.

There are many reasons why Out of Home is a very effective and receptive form of advertising and marketing and below are some of the most important reasons why.

Wide Reach and Higher Viewability

The biggest advantage to advertising outdoors is that your ad will be noticed more significantly than any online, radio or television ad. Online ads can come off as invasive and the target becomes frustrated which in turn does the opposite for the campaign as you want the consumer to be receptive not to turn on ad blockers or even block your brand entirely. With outdoor advertising, the target comes across the ads by chance. Despite the billboards strategically being placed where the target frequents for a reason, they do not think of that when they see an ad on their way to work or out for a morning jog. In general a plus for this type of advertising is the average size of most billboards. Since they are outdoors they will tend to be on a larger scale and are most likely to not to go unnoticed by a passerby.

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Builds Brand Familiarity and Loyalty

SInce brands are not able to click away from an advertisement outside like they would online, they do not have much control over what they see and what they do not and this comes as an advantage for the industry. At the same time, they will most likely frequent the same areas where these billboards are strategically placed, so they will become more and more familiar with these ads and brands. This way when they see the product in the store they will be more likely to feel a sort of attachment with the brand or product and want to purchase.

Cost Effective Brand Awareness

Out of Home, when compared to the many other forms of advertising, is one of the most cost effective forms out there with the amount of reach your campaign will get. Radio, online, and tv when comparing the Cost Per Impression (CPM), is much more costly than the use of Out of Home. When comparing the cost to how much of your target audience is reached and how receptive they are to your message, your brand will be very happy with the results as the numbers would be far lesser at a higher cost without an outdoor campaign.

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Advertising is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business and knowing what forms of it are the most effective and not only towards the target but also for your company is the key. Out of Home advertising is one of the best ways to reach your target where you know they frequent the most and in a big and eye catching manner. Catching the attention of your target at the right time and right place is the main drive of sales for your company.

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