Ad Campaigns that rocked the Internet – part 2

Following the industry’s lead, more and more companies have to start to shift their attention from the Baby-Boomer generation for the younger Millennials. As of 2017, most millennials have a drivers licence, are in the working force and are moderately inexperienced in the marketplace. For truck advertising, this is the perfect trifecta. Moving billboards are seeing not only by pedestrians but most frequently by drivers on the road.


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Let’s study the next internet campaign by Be the Match foundation. This non-profit launched their new campaign targeting men age 18-24 years-old, a.k .a, Millennials. More interestingly, this campaign only started on the internet through media such as Reddit and Twitch. Tech-savvy, check.

With such low costs for their campaign, why would they bother with out-of-home advisement (OOH)? Well, the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) for truck advertising is one of the lowest when compared to TV, radio or even other print media like the public transportation and other moving billboards.

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