4 Tips For Planning An OOH Promotion Strategy

For many years, Out-of-Home (OOH) promotion has helped many businesses take their marketing strategy to the next level. But it’s important to understand that advertising strategies have significantly changed and become sophisticated over time. OOH was merely a method that marketers utilized to shine a spotlight on their businesses through massive, outstanding billboards. Now, it has changed into a full-funnel communication network.  

This article has all that you need to know about the OOH promotion strategy. You’re going to learn the nature of the OOH strategy, types, and some tips you might use when planning your OOH campaign.

What Is OOH Promotion Strategy?

Also called outdoor promotion strategy, OOH is a marketing technique that reaches out to potential clients outside their homes.  According to the outdoor advertising association of America, most consumers spend 70% of their time outside their homes, making this one of the most effective promotion techniques. 

What Are The Major Types Of Outdoor Advertising?

One of the commonly known types of OOH promotion strategies is the use of billboards. But it’s important to understand that there are other categories of outdoor advertising, including:

  • Street furniture: Street furniture involves the use of bus park benches, news racks, telephone kiosks, etc., to promote your business. 

  • Transit: Transit is a form of promotion that utilizes moving buses, taxis, and subway cars to attract the attention of potential consumers. 
  • Digital signage: This promotion strategy utilizes advanced technology to change what’s displayed on a screen. A handful of marketers can use a digital outdoor screen to display their brands as the messages are rotated every six to eight seconds. Other forms of digital signage might be free-standing on a sidewalk or courtside of your local high school. 

Why Use OOH Promotion Strategy? 

The use of the OOH strategy may allow marketers to improve their engagement with target customers in ways other mediums simply cannot match. As mentioned, it’s important to understand that most people spend more time outside than in their homes–shopping, working, or even socializing. This may make it hard for brands to engage with potential audiences. 

Additionally, over the last years, technological advancement has made it easier for the target customer to engage with brands, such as to electronically sign a deal regardless of where they are. This may improve the relevance of outdoor marketing now than it has ever been. 

Tips For Planning An OOH Marketing Campaign 

Here are some of the tips you may utilize when planning your promotion strategy:

  1. Choose The Right OOH Method

Like any other promotional technique, the first crucial piece of information you need to establish is the results you want to achieve. Do you want to improve site traffic, click-through rates, or app downloads? It’s important to understand that the kind of result you want to achieve may be helpful when determining the type of OOH method to utilize. 

Each method may help you attain your goals to a certain degree. For example, if your goal is to increase click-through rates, the most suitable method may be locational mobile billboards. This may help improve your site traffic, the success of your promotion strategy, and, eventually, your conversion rates. According to studies, about 48% of individuals are more likely to engage with a digital ad after seeing the same OOH billboard ad. 

  1. Understand Your Audience

This is another important aspect when planning your promotion strategy as the whole campaign is about them. So, conduct extensive research to determine which section of your potential customers the promotion will engage. It’s crucial to understand the behaviour and trends of your target audience, too.

To get an idea of your target customer, you may access this information from your social media accounts. Accessing that vital piece of information will align you in the right direction, helping you develop an ingenious idea for the promotion strategy. For instance, if your target audience is of the younger generation, you should develop an idea that they can relate to. 

  1. Location

The place where you’ll locate your outdoor advertising media will play an important role in improving the efficiency of your promotion strategy. For this reason, malls, bus stands, subway stations, city squares, etc., have become the most preferred locations for OOH media placement. For instance, you may have one of the largest OOH media in your locality. If you miscalculate the placement location, your OOH media may not create a satisfactory brand response, making it ineffective. 

It’s important to understand that apart from placement location, other factors such as angle and height of the OOH media will play a significant role in improving its efficiency. Thus, you should choose a strategic location for your OOH media. 

  1. Know Your Competitors

While planning your promotion strategy, it’s important to research the competitors in your market.  Getting to know your head-on competitors and their strategies to attract customers may help you build an effective OOH promotion strategy

You may consider your strategy as a huge playground, and you’re up against all the other players. To have the upper hand in the competition, you’ll have to study your rivals and identify their strengths, weaknesses, and mistakes.

Through this, you may understand things your competitor missed, which you can use to improve your strategy. You can also check out their social media platforms to understand how they drive their campaigns to attract and persuade potential customers.


It’s important to understand that there’s no right or wrong technique for planning, learning, and implementing your OOH promotion campaign. Depending on your goals, financial plan, customer, and other unique features of your business, you may utilize a number of methods to improve your OOH campaign’s efficiency. Instead of limiting yourself to only one technique, try as many techniques as possible to identify the working combination of techniques that may help drive prolonged success for your business.

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