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    Why choose Movia?

    Reach your audience

    Weʼll drive your message with mobile billboard advertising to exactly the audience you want, based on demographics, time of day, and even specific routes and roads.

    An extension of your brand

    A message on a Movia truck feels more like an extension of your brand. Thatʼs because most people see our trucks as owned and operated by the brand, increasing your social currency. Your business feels bigger, busier and more "of the moment" than ever.

    Maximum results with minimum cost

    Mobile advertising trucks have the lowest large format CPM (cost per thousand impressions) in the industry. Combined with our mobile retargeting tech and low mobile billboard rates, youʼve got one of the most cost-efficient ways to reach your audience.

    Analyze the data

    See where your trucks are and who theyʼre reaching through your personal dashboard. View the time, duration and consistency, as well as keep track of your daily or monthly impressions.

    Executing campaigns all across North America with:

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