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Photo of Casper's logical puzzle out-of-home advertisements in New York subway

Why every startup should invest in OOH advertising

Thanks to recent technological advances and development, out-of-home (OOH) advertising is now more affordable than ever compared to other traditional media and newer digital media. If you’re a small business owner in search of innovative marketing strategies that increase brand awareness, you should look no further and invest in OOH today. Out-of-home is one of […]

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How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on a Billboard?

We see them all the time, those giant 14’ H X 48’ W signs that are lit up in busy intersections and major highways. Telling us to buy that new shade of lipstick, or to remind us that McDonald’s uses 100% arabica beans in their coffee. Billboards are in your face and there’s nothing anyone […]

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Moving through the Pandemic: OOH Market in NY

As New York moves through the phases of the COVID -19 pandemic, the OOH market in this metropolitan city is changing to adapt to new challenges. NY is home to a diverse range of OOH formats, including the iconic Times Square displays. But without heavy foot traffic, these static billboards are going unnoticed.  Before the […]

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Amazon billboard in Times Square advertising new Amazon Prime Video original series, Good Omens

Top 7 Out-of-Home Spenders of 2019

In the digital age, some of the biggest companies in the world are increasing spending in out-of home (OOH) advertising. In their 2019 annual report, the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) named the 7 megabrands below as the biggest OOH advertisers – ranked in order of OOH spending. This article outlines why […]

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Billboard for United Way that says "we're si feet behind you"

7 Best COVID-19 Billboards

Amidst the global pandemic, the advertising industry has once again shown that nothing can bring it to a halt. Worldwide, COVID-19 has led numerous businesses to pause normal operations, with some even being forced to shut down temporarily or permanently. It’s true that some of these closures and shutdowns will have long-term effects on the […]

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billboard ad

How Much Does it Cost for a Billboard Ad?

So you’ve decided to showcase your latest marketing campaign using a billboard. You have an exciting new product, already know your target market and now you just need to know the cost.  Billboard ads have been around for decades and are still considered one of the most effective and cost efficient marketing solutions in the world. A […]

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6 Ways to Make your Outdoor Ad Campaign Stand Out

Nowadays, when people are out of their homes, they’re either in a hurry or constantly distracted by their phones. On top of that, with hundreds of distractions everywhere, your outdoor ad campaign can quickly get lost in a crowded advertising landscape and go unnoticed. This article outlines 6 key ways you can optimize your company’s out-of-home (OOH) marketing by making your campaign more memorable and eye-catching to people on-the-go for just a few more seconds – because every second counts when it comes to your return-on-investment (ROI).

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Uber enters OOH market

Uber Enters the OOH Advertising Market

For the past decade, Uber has always been about the network, providing a platform for riders and drivers to connect with a simple tap on their phone. The San Francisco-based ride-hailing company took the transportation industry by storm when it released its cutting edge ride-sharing app in 2009. From offering services that include ordering your […]

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How Much do Billboards Cost to Buy?

When you go out to eat there’s a menu online and in-store that contains every item served and their costs. When you look for a new car, automotive brands have a catalogue of their vehicles online & at dealerships. But where do you go to look for how much billboards cost? Determining the cost of […]

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How Much Does Billboard Advertising Cost in Montréal?

So, how much does billboard advertising cost in Montréal specifically? That’s a complicated question with a not so simple answer. When it comes to billboard advertising, the cost range is quite large due to many factors that can drastically alter the final price. However, if we break it down, there are three primary things to consider.

1) Design and Production
2) Creative Execution
3) Flight and Location

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