One of Ontario’s biggest theme parks, Santa’s Village needed to drive park attendance in the summer of 2019. Since the park was situated in the centre of cottage country, their audience was spread out over a huge geographic area. Achieving effective reach numbers meant being in a lot of small towns without the big budget of outdoor advertising. Partnering with Movia gave Santa’s Village the innovative mobility they needed to reach all of central Ontario throughout the expensive summer period. Attendance exceeded
the park’s expectations, driven by Movia Media’ ability to bring the brand into new markets.

The same truck driving at Queen and Spadina showing two rides at Santa's Village

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

14 weeks


12+M impressions
after 14 weeks
Parked box truck with one visible side shows the ad for Santa's Village and says
                     "Muskoka's Theme Park."

About Santa’s Village

For those of you who love the holiday season, Santa’s village is exactly where you want to be. A Christmas themed amusement park that features family friendly rides and entertainment as well as two parks that are geared towards 12+ audiences that features ziplines, arcades, go-karting and more. The amusement park is located in Muskoka Ontario and has been making family memories since 1955.

“Partnering with Movia Media allowed us to innovatively and effectively reach new audiences. We particularly liked the ability to target specific markets, contributing to higher than expected attendance growth this year”

- Ina Rivard,
Marketing Director

The same box truck from the other side to show a different ad for 
                    Santa's Village with another ride that can be ridden at the amusement park.