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Ontario's Lottery & Gaming, OLG, wanted to show audiences that luck was just around the corner. So they partnered with Movia to reach their target audience, young adults between 20 to 30 in their neighbourhoods of Etobicoke and other suburbs of Toronto. With 12 trucks over 3 weeks, OLG hit the jackpot with over 17.5 million impressions, 61% of which in their priority geographic and demographic target.

Truckside advertising for OLG that says, "$50,000" and shows a crossword scratch ticket.

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

3 weeks


17+M impressions
after 3 weeks
An image of a truck that features billboards on its side and back. The side reads, 
                "$50,000" and the back shows an enlarged crossword puzzle with words such as 
                "symphony" and "velvet" on it.

About OLG

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming corporation oversees the province of Ontario’s Lottery, casinos, slot machines, as well as charitable gaming centres and their associated gaming events. OLG is responsible for ensuring Ontarians a transparent, fair and rewarding lottery & gaming system and has delivered their mission to “promote high standards of responsible gambling—all in the best interests of the Province of Ontario.” Since 1975. OLG also gives back to charities and to this day has given back over $52 billion dollars to communities in Ontario.

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