When it comes to women's undergarments, not much has changed over the years. That is until the Knix brand came along. Knix’s trailblazing designs embrace the female body, so when they created their first-ever hygiene product, they came to Movia to launch it in a confident, bold way that no one had done before.

Their highly conceptual campaign was brought to life by placing their ads on Mobile Dumpsters in high profile, iconic locations in New York City. The idea received extensive media coverage from outlets like AdWeek, as well as thousands of shares on social media. The campaign surpassed KPI expectations, showing how physical space can be used creatively to disrupt and intrigue consumers. A perfect fit for a brand as bold as Knix.

Dumpster Advertisement photo of Knix near Brooklyn Bridge

Number of
dumpster ads


Project Scope

1 day


New York NY

Dumpster Advertisement for Knix in New York to launch a new women hygiene product

About the Company

Knix is an innovative direct-to-consumer brand that has reinvented women’s intimates and loungewear to embrace the female body. Their designs include leak proof underwear that destigmatize women’s periods. Knix’s trailblazing designs are intended to make women feel sexy, comfortable and free in their own skin, while supporting sustainability in every concept.