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We all love our smartphones, but when we’re ready to change devices, we don’t often consider the e-waste we’re contributing to. EcoATM was created to address this problem, with a more sustainable way to unload unwanted devices – selling them.

To make people aware of how EcoATM makes this option easy, they partnered with Movia for a 14-week campaign in Atlanta. The buy was timed so the messages would be on the road during the new iPhone launch. Ten trucks were outfitted with a message that would give passing drivers a smile, and a pause to think.

The campaign succeeded in increasing cell phone recycling, most notably at Walmart, their biggest retail partner. This was achieved by targeting routes near the store, so the message would reach people at just the right time and place.

To increase exposure, trucks were sent to sporting events and concerts - where potential young iPhone users would be congregating. Custom flyers were handed out to further explain the benefit.

In all, the timeliness of the campaign, coupled with the contextually relevant and humorous headline, helped EcoATM spread the word that there’s a better way to get rid of your old phone, one that’s a win-win for everyone.

Photo of ecoATM doing a targeted Truckside Ad campaign in the downtown core

20% increase in site traffic and 15% increase in consumers

Movia ecoATM Truck Ads Case Study

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

14 weeks


51+M impressions
after 14 weeks

Digital Impressions

823+K impressions
after 14 weeks



Truck Advertising for ecoATM campaign

About ecoATM

What is ecoATM? We're the secure, sustainable, simple and rewarding way to sell or recycle your smartphone. With 4,800 locations and over a decade, ecoATM is the smart choice for any used smartphone you may have laying around at home. Not only can you earn instant cash, but you'll also be joining the fight against electronic waste. It's a win for your wallet and a win for the planet.