Clearly Canadian logo for their truck advertising campaign


Anyone who remembers the new age-y beverage movement of the 90s will remember Clearly Canadian, the incredibly popular, fruit-flavoured sparkling water that came in those iconic glass bottles.

After suffering a setback, Clearly experienced a fan-led comeback a few years back, and today, the premium beverage has a premium place on many retail shelves in both Canada and the US.

To remind people of their love for the drink, Clearly teamed up with Movia to create truck-side ads that were all about making the most of the familiar bottle, and it’s delicious and refreshing contents. Show-stopping, larger-than-life product shots that looked almost 3D, were driven to premier retail locations where the water is sold, putting the brand top of mind to consumers who would run into the product in-store.

The trucks where also taken to residential neighbourhoods, where onlookers would fit the sparkling water consumer demographic.

In total, 10 trucks - 2 in Toronto and 4 in Atlanta and Seattle each, are bringing the message around for 12 weeks, starting in the summer months. So if you were a fan in the 90s, be prepared to be reminded of your love for this clearly refreshing refreshment.

Mobile Advertisement photo of Clearly Canadian carrying out a targeted OOH advertising campaign in Toronto.

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

12 weeks


51M impressions
after 12 weeks

Movia Clearly Canadian Mobile Advertisement Case Study

Mobile Ad for Clearly Canadian travelling in Toronto.

About the Company

Welcome to the world of Clearly Canadian, North America’s premium sparkling water brand. We endeavour to be more than just the most satisfying, thirst-quenching, rewarding sparkling water you've ever enjoyed… We want to showcase Canada, our beautiful home, on the world stage. So please explore, crack open a cold Clearly Canadian and stay a while. :)