Bloomscape logo for their truck advertising campaign


Bloomscape is an online plant delivery service that brings healthy, thriving plants straight from the greenhouse to your front door. To launch their holiday campaign in Austin, Texas, they turned to Movia to reach consumers in a smarter, more targeted way. And to combine outdoor awareness with online conversions. With 3 trucks carrying the Bloomscape ads in key suburban neighborhoods, 10.8 million impressions were achieved over a period of 9 weeks. And, because the trucks looked like Bloomscape vehicles that were delivering plants all over town, they did more than carry the message – they provided the brand with a heightened sense of scale and popularity. The company was also able to track and retarget consumers using Movia's mobile beacon technology – leading to 800,000 online impressions for their specific customer demographic. In the end, Movia’s trucks delivered both awareness and major business results, putting Bloomscape more in the green than ever.

Truckside Advertisement photo of Bloomscape doing a targeted residential OOH advertising campaign



Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

9 weeks


10.8M impressions
after 9 weeks
Truckside Advertisement for Bloomscape traveling in a beautiful setting in Austin Texas

About the Company

Bloomscape is a leading-edge plant delivery service that ships live plants straight from greenhouses to consumer’s homes. Unlike ordering from a go-between such as a box store or nursery (which can mean plants spend up to 4 weeks in warehouses and on on trucks), customers can get their plants right from the growing source in 3-4 days. So they arrive healthy and thriving.