Amazon logo for their Truckside Advertising campaign


When it came to love, it seems Alexa had a lot to learn. In fact, for a long time, their answer was rather…inhuman. So Amazon ads partnered with the Ad Council and their “Love Has No Labels” campaign to remind people that love has the ability to overcome bias, discrimination and hate.

Amazon updated Alex’s response to the question “What is love?” by recording real people’s answers and using a selection of them to inspire millions more.

To promote the campaign, Amazon partnered to Movia for truck side ads to help carry the message of acceptance and inclusion to thousands of people in 5 markets across the southeastern US – Nashville, Tampa, Charlotte, Atlanta and Dallas. For the Fall of 2022, ten trucks, 2 per market, are taking to the streets with ads displaying compelling images of 6 of the people whose answers were featured in the update, and the simple, very familiar line, “Alexa, What is love?”

As the results came in, we were sure of one thing… the impact was measured in more than just reach and impressions, but in the minds and hearts opened to reconsider the answer to this very meaningful question.

And in true fairytale fashion, one of the drivers meeting the woman of his dreams because of the campaign. She was super impressed with how open-minded he is. We’ll let you know how it goes and if there are wedding bells in the future!

Mobile Billboards photo of Amazon carrying out a targeted OOH advertising campaign in Tampa, Nashville, Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas.

Number of
Truck Ads


Project Scope

8 weeks


27M impressions
after 8 weeks


Movia Amazon Truck Ads Case Study

Mobile Billboard Advertising for Amazon travelling in Tampa, Nashville, Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas.

About the Company

Every day thousands of people engage with Alexa about love; in fact, in India, people said, “I Love You” to Alexa 19,000 times a day in 2020. But when asked about love, Alexa’s response was an AI-centric, “Sorry, I don’t have human love figured out quite yet.” With this campaign, we’ve evolved Alexa’s response to better represent a diverse world. We handed the mic to eight Amazon customers representing diverse backgrounds and asked them what love means to them. We captured audio and film of each individual answering the question and produced the Alexa responses you hear along with a 0:30 second TV spot and 2:00 minute short film.

What is Ad Council and the Love Has No Labels movement?

Ad Council is an American nonprofit that produces, distributes, and promotes public service announcements on behalf of various sponsors, including nonprofit organizations, non-governmental organizations and agencies of the United States government. Love Has No Labels is an Ad Council movement promoting diversity, equity and inclusion of all people across race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age and ability. Love Has No Labels is steeped in the belief that love is the most powerful force to overcome bias, discrimination and racism. This is a pro-bono campaign with Amazon Ads donating all media and production costs.