Koch Industries logo for their truck advertising campaign


Koch Industries wanted to spread the word about their sustainability efforts, but they also wanted a medium to match the message. They came to Movia for the ability to target where no other out-of-home advertising could, in a sustainable way. In Washington DC, we were able to get their message into areas with heavy foot traffic and very limited other OOH advertising opportunities. Koch's larger than life contextual message was unignorable to everyone from prominent DC workers to global tourists. With just 10 trucks in both DC and Atlanta over 14 weeks, Koch targeted 112 million impressions into these key areas. In addition to the eye-catching creative, the drivers themselves became brand ambassadors, handing out flyers with more information about Koch's sustainability program. And thanks to Movia's Tree Planting Carbon Offset program, the partnership led to planting 6,000 trees, making the campaign as sustainable as it was successful.

Truckside Advertisement photo of Koch Industries showing casing their sustainability efforts

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

14 weeks


85+M impressions
after 14 weeks


Washington DC
and Atlanta


One Truckside Advertisements for Koch Industries with the copy “We Recycle a Box this big Every Second”

About Koch Industries.

Koch industries is an American multinational corporation that is the second largest privately held company in the United States and plays an integral role in several businesses operating around the world today. Koch refines, manufactures, and distributes products in a plethora of industries including Polymers & Fibers, Fertilizers, automotive parts, electronics, and many other industries both consumer and industrial.