Over the past decade, non-dairy milks have skyrocketed in popularity. And pre-pandemic, oat milk was emerging as the star. Now, you can find it everywhere – from work-from-home kitchens to big chain coffee bars.

Looking to tap into that, Chobani, the top seller of yogurt in America, recently launched 2 new oat milks. To announce it, they turned to Movia and their agency Horizon Media for a month-long truck-side mobile ad campaign.

Clever headlines spoke to the moving medium itself, engaging people with humour, and simple, bold graphics. Seventeen delivery trucks with a target of 30 million impressions were deployed across the US – from Sacramento to Tampa – for a total of 8 major markets.

Residential and food service delivery routes were chosen, to catch people already in the mindset of either drinking or buying milk alternatives. By letting consumers know that their much-loved yogurt brand now offers an oat product, Chobani was able to give people a reason to pull over their carts and check it out!

Truck advertising for Chobani

Number of


Project Scope

4 weeks


25M impressions
after 4 weeks


8 Major Markets
Truckside advertising for Chobani

About the Company

Horizon Media

Horizon Media is a data-driven media marketing and advertising company founded in 1989, headquartered in New York with offices in Los Angeles and Toronto. Horizon Media is the largest and fastest growing privately held media services agency in the world. The company’s mission is to “create the most meaningful brand connections within the lives of people everywhere,” through a holistic approach to brand marketing. Horizon has estimated billings of over $7.5 billion, over 1,500 employees, and clients that include GEICO, Capital One, Burger King, Corona, A+E Networks, DISH, Turner, LG, Sleep Number, Weight Watchers, Little Caesars, and Lindt, to name a few.


Chobani is an American food company based in New York and specializes in strained yogurt. The company was founded in 2015 by Hamdi Ulukaya who had bought a Kraft Foods plant that was being shut down. Ulukaya hired several of the former Kraft employees as well as a ‘yogurt master’ and launched the brand Chobani, which quickly became the top-selling Greek yogurt brand in America. Chobani has also expanded their range of products to include non-dairy, plant-based items such as dairy-free vegan yogurt and oat milk, promoting healthy alternatives to their original options.