What is Bus Advertising

Bus Advertising is a modern day approach of marketing that involves using buses to convey the service/product of a brand. In a bid to reach out to a large number of people, there has been a rapid adoption of bus advertising — that is, buses carry prints, illuminated displays, graphics, and wallpapers, moving around cities promoting a brand, campaign or sharing a message to the public. This mode of advertisement is effective because a bus moves around multiple areas, wearing prints of advertisement on its body, reaching out to a large number of people in the areas that it appears. These adverts can be placed on company’s buses or leased vehicles from companies in bus advertising services. A typical example is Movia, an advertising company that specializes in outdoor ads and mobile billboards.

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Bus Advertising Vs Truck Advertising

Contrary to the traditional mode of advertisement, bus advertising belongs to a section of advertisement referred to as OOH, which means Out-Of-home. Basically, Out-Of-Home advertising refers to commercial promos that are targeted to the audience when they are outdoors.
Other examples of advertisements that are categories under the OOH section include billboards, stadiums, wall posters etc. Also, bus advertising works with the interconnection of technology that allows for display of video banners and motion pictures. Bus advertising is cost effective and its results are often guaranteed. According to statistics by top media advertising, about 30 million people see an advert on a bus each week. In addition to that, most adults spend 70% of their time outdoors — hence increasing the visibility of ads displayed on moving buses.

Types of Bus Advertising

It is important to note that there are various ways bus advertising can be carried out. There are three (3) major types of bus advertising. Promotional contents can be placed on the bus tickets, body of the bus or even ceiling. Either way, know that all forms of bus advertising fall under one of the aforementioned. Now, let’s learn about each of them.

Bus Ticket

When you think of bus advertising, one’s thought might never click on a bus ticket. But interestingly, this mode of bus advertising has been practiced for a very long time. Usually, bus tickets display the commercial banner on the back and the ticket will be printed on the front. Advertising on bus tickets is cost effective, although its reach is limited compared to interior and exterior bus advertising. As technology advances and the world begins to ditch print materials, there’s a possibility that advertising on bus tickets might no longer be functional.


This is one common form of bus advertising. Ads are usually placed at the back of the seats where it can be easily visible to the passengers. Also, advertisement banners can be placed in between walls and even on the ceiling of the bus. These banners usually have intriguing images — this is solely to capture the attention of the passengers. You can attest that beautiful images and bright colors catch your attention faster. Brands know this, hence, they use this tactics to push their message. Another common form is through displaying brand messages on the mini television placed in the bus.


This is the most popular of the three types of advertising. It also has a larger reach of audience than the other forms of bus advertising. Exterior display of advertising basically attaches banners on the body of the bus. This advert can be in various formats such such as prints, display screens, boards and placards.

Other forms of bus advertising include the following;

  • Bus shelter advertising - This refers to adverts placed on the structured waiting areas at bus stops.
  • Bus station billboard: Bus station billboard is attached to the OOH bus shelter which often shows commercial ads.

Bus Shelter Advertising

Bus advertising is an affordable and effective mode of marketing. It is evident that people spend more time outside their home than indoors, which further proves that bus advertising has a large number of reach and a higher possibility of connecting to the audience.

As seen, there are various ways to go about bus advertising depending on the budget of the brand. Notwithstanding what type of bus advertising is done, larger visibility is guaranteed.


Why should I advertise on Buses?

Usually, buses operate seven days per week, more than 15 hours a day, so that’s a lot of exposure time to get your message and your potential audiences. You get to reach large audiences and have extensive exposure that will help you to increase your brand or product awareness.

Is Bus Advertising worth it for my business?

Bus advertising is effective because of its large reach, ability to connect with viewers (emotionally and momentarily), and its number of displays. Additionally, bus advertising is often non-gender-specific and efficiently reaches men and women of various ages.

Why choose Bus Advertising for my business promotion?

As your audience sees your message repeatedly on buses, it becomes ingrained in their minds. For example; message about food, hospitality, fashion, forthcoming events, listings, lifestyle branding, and many other topics are delivered through bus advertisements.

Why Choose you for Bus Advertising Work?

Wherever the bus goes, it reaches a diverse audience. Furthermore, it would help build the brand in the area where the bus will run.

How effective is bus advertising for my services?

This form of marketing is highly effective with a very low cost per impression. In fact, it is one of the most cost-effective advertising methods.

What is the benefit of bus advertising?

Increase brand and business awareness among your customers. You Promote the benefits of your products or services.

How much does Bus Advertising cost?

Several factors determine the cost of an advertisement. These factors include vehicle size and type, campaign length, geographic location, and more.

The minimum recommended is:

  • $10,000/month for larger cities,
  • $5,000/month for medium-size cities
  • $2,500/month for smaller cities/towns

Can I choose where I want my bus message to run?

Yes. Location plays a major role in determining the success of advertising. Choosing the right route to advertise will help you to make a higher number of impressions on people and is not limited to commuters.

Can I advertise on the inside of the buses?

Advertisers can buy space inside or outside buses. You can choose from a variety of ad sizes, locations, and creatives. With this type of advertisement and for the duration of their travel, the passengers are your captive audience.

What are examples of exterior bus advertising?

T-sides, Mega Rears (back of the bus), Supersides, Streetliners, Rears and Full Wraps.