Mobile Billboard Rates

Mobile billboards are cost-effective ways to promote a brand or service and billboard truck advertising is always on first preference because of its cheaper rates and wider reach in just one day. Movia company is one of the best choices because it customizes trucks and selects the best location to advertise your product to grow your business and generate profit. Mobile truck billboard advertising cost rates are approximately $40 per 1000 impressions.

Type of Truck

Static truck costs $300-$700 per truck per day while $700-$1800 per truck per day for digital ones.

Static Truck Billboard Rates
Billboards Rates For Location Trucks


If a specific location where you want to advertise, far from office then high cost and vice versa. Some cities have high billboard advertising costs. Truck routes also play a crucial role like crowdy or popular routes then more people will notice. Movia has selected strategic routes to influence the public.


If you want to advertise a product on the billboard for a long time then higher cost than basic for one or two days.

Billboards Rates For A Long Time
Season Truck Billboard Rates


The season can also influence the price, with the summer months being more expensive due to increasing demand for outdoor advertising space. Seasonality applies not only to billboard trucks but to billboards in general since they are utilized more when it is bright and warm outdoors than when it rains or snows hard.